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  1. AngelRn

    Stethescope, what kind should I get?

    HEY!! If you havnt bought it yet you can do it with a CC.. this site has the Littman for only 54.00 http://www.cpo.to/ And a B?P cuff too.. My School wanted us to buy both and this was cheeper than the store or the website they suggested. Just a thought. Hey and good luck, I started my intro to nursing classes this May!
  2. AngelRn

    New Nursing student

    Thank you for your encouragement! I really appreciate it! I look forward to asking you all lots of questions!
  3. AngelRn

    New Nursing student

    Why did you want to become a nurse? Me? well same sort of thing I guess. When I was very little, almost 4, my Uncle was dying of cancer. My Mom was real close to him and was an emotional wreck. I remember sitting for hours on end in the hospital. We werent allowed to go in his room but had to sit outside. I used to watch the nurses and doctors going about their day alot! Then on the day that my uncle did die, I can remember that my Mom was crying and all alone un ther with him. And then a nurse came out of nowhere and gave her a hug. Then another one came also from nowhere and took my sister and I down to the vending machine and got each of us a soda. She talked to us like we were adults. Those times made such an impression on me growing up. I wanted to make a difference in someones life just like they did.
  4. AngelRn

    New Nursing student

    Thank you very much. I do have a question for anyone to answer... What made you want to become a nurse? What was it about the profession that drew you here?
  5. AngelRn

    New Nursing student

    Hello! I am a new nursing student. I wanted to say hello. I just found this place and wanted you all to know what a wonderful site it was. Thank you for lots of interesting reading!