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  1. Kasia BMCC Grad

    Chamberlain Classes!

    Congrats! Are you attending their RN to BSN program? If you have another Bachelor's degree look closely at your courses; I believe I convinced the school to accept two additional courses and with this said saved $$$ for extra credits that I did not need. I only needed to take 10 classes (including 5 elective credits b/c of their requirement to complete 32 credits in-house). Also, if you are an American Nurses Association member they offer a discount; however, I think they reduced the discount to 5%. Luckily, I was able to grandfather the 10% discount!! Best of luck! I have 2 more classes to go. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. -Kasia
  2. Kasia BMCC Grad

    Starting RN-BSN program on October 27th

    Hi Eheise, Please note that NUR 351 is the easiest class you will take. I feel like you can easily pair it with another course. I took NUR 351 and SocS 350N together as well isharRN. Also, during preview week you can look at both syllabuses and make the decision to drop the other course. I work full time (not in the nursing field yet) and have been taking two classes each 8 week period. Taking seven credits currently. Hope to be done by March! Let me know if you have any questions. Best wishes! Kasia
  3. Hi Lu-Ann, I did not find the course itself is not hard. There are three assignments the first one is a PPT about educating patients on www (similar to the website evaluation in NR351), second one is a 4-5 page paper on telehealth technologies, and the final assignment is an interview plus your 2 weekly initial responses and 2 responses to students. I found the class a little challenging as I do not have any nursing experience beyond clinicals. I have to say I'm a little fatigued as I'm taking this course along with Health assessments and working full time! So I can completely understand your stress and just remember you will be graduating before you know it!!! :) Stay positive! I always repeat to myself, everything will get done because it has to get done and it generally does! Have you taken NR-447: RN Collaborative Healthcare or NR-439: RN Evidence Based Practice perhaps? And if so can you provide any advice or any details on these two courses? I'm a little nervous about the EBP course because I'm a little rusty on statistics. Let me know if you have any other questions. Best regards, Kasia
  4. Kasia BMCC Grad

    BMCC Fall 2011 Applicants - HESI A2

    Hello all! Good luck to all those applying for Fall 2011 ... I remember how waiting for that phone call felt! I just graduated this semester from the BMCC nursing evening program ... feel free to contact me if you need any tips.... Bests of Luck, Kasia