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Taking NR305 Health Assessment & NR361 Info Systems in Healthcare in Sept - Advise?


Hi all,

I'm planning on taking NR 305: RN Health Assessment & NR361 NR361 RN Info Systems in Healthcare in September 2014, working fulltime, and currently not working in the nursing field. Any advise? I feel a little rusty on assessments and am worried about finding an nurse informatics expert to interview. Any suggestions on where to look for an interview candidate when you are not working in the nursing field? A little nervous about the semester ahead!!!! Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

I have completed the following courses if anyone needs any advise or has any questions:

NR443 RN Community Health Nursing

NR391 Transcultural Nursing

NR351 Trans in Prof Nursing

SOCS 350N Cultural Diversity in Professions

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

Best regards and wishes,


Hi Kasia,

I was searching allnurses to find information about NR361. I signed up for this semester, but was hoping to find out what the workload is for this class. I am so stressed with other classes and my job, but this one sounded doable. How is is going?

Thanks for any help.


Hi Lu-Ann,

I did not find the course itself is not hard. There are three assignments the first one is a PPT about educating patients on www (similar to the website evaluation in NR351), second one is a 4-5 page paper on telehealth technologies, and the final assignment is an interview plus your 2 weekly initial responses and 2 responses to students. I found the class a little challenging as I do not have any nursing experience beyond clinicals.

I have to say I'm a little fatigued as I'm taking this course along with Health assessments and working full time! So I can completely understand your stress and just remember you will be graduating before you know it!!! :) Stay positive! I always repeat to myself, everything will get done because it has to get done and it generally does!

Have you taken NR-447: RN Collaborative Healthcare or NR-439: RN Evidence Based Practice perhaps? And if so can you provide any advice or any details on these two courses? I'm a little nervous about the EBP course because I'm a little rusty on statistics.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Best regards,


Hi Kasia,

I am so sorry I am just seeing this post now when I was doing a search about some other classes. Thank you so much for responding previously. I am sorry, but I have not taken those classes yet, you are a few classes ahead of me I suspect. However, I am just finishing Statistics (TORTURE), so if you need any help with that, its pretty fresh in my mind. Also let me know if you have questions about any other classes, I took the Vietnam History class, and the other ones you listed above, so I doubt I am much help. Sorry.

I am debating now between NR443 and NR447. Those are the only two I am eligible for until Chamberlain gets my Stats transcript. I was leaning towards NR443, how is that class?

Thanks for any help,



Are you still there? I finished my first course Dec 2014. Transitions for the RN BSN/MSN.

I take the Health Assessment NR-305 and want to take Cultural Diversity, can u tell me the number of papers or workload. I know about the 4 discussion posts per week, but any info on the workloads o courses u took would help, I am trying to work full time and don't want to get bogged down.

I am SCHED for collaborative nursing and history of Vietnam in Jan. how is that course? Lots of writing and exams? Thanks.

Hi Kasia-

I know you posted your initial post over a year ago, but I was wondering if you remember how NR 391-Transcultural Nursing was? I'm taking that next session with Capstone and since it's only 2 credits I'm hoping it isn't a TON of work, but I can't find any information on it anywhere! Just wondering what the projects are like?



Hi Kasia , my first class will be NR 351 with chamberlain could give me any advice please