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Mcadamia specializes in icu.

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  1. Job prospects after TPPP year, Adelaide

    We may be looking at doing a second Grad year here specialising in Rural and Remote but it won't be for the faint hearted!!
  2. At the moment I would think about 5 times before doing a bridging course in any event. We just got 16 applicants for one position and looked at the Australians first - because that is the rule here
  3. Nursing home interview

    Okay - for a start DON'T look down on aged care - if you want to ladder climb it is actually easier to do in aged care than about anywhere else Now as for rural My standard warning DO NOT APPLY FOR ANYTHING WITH RURAL AND REMOTE IN THE DESCRIPTION I...
  4. The more post-graduate experience you have the more likely you are to get a job here - but remember do not apply for "rural and remote" unless the hospital is over 20 beds minimum
  5. Tips to find a job in OZ/NZ?

    Sorry but do NOT repeat DO NOT accept ANY position at any hospital less than 20 beds because you have NO idea how remote some of our rural hospitals are - and now you are often required to have added competencies such as immunisation and RIPERN for Q...
  6. Poor girl, RIP

    Sad - always a tragedy when someone dies unexpectedly
  7. USA Labor and Delivery RN moving to Australia

    A little insight from an insider - Gold Coast hospital is about to double in size so it is worthwhile throwing your hat in that direction. Not Brisbane but within driving distance at least (well by Aussie standards but don't listen to me too hard on...
  8. USA Labor and Delivery RN moving to Australia

    :DWe have job vacancies:D Just apply to Queensland Health "work for us" and be prepared to hassle the daylights out of them. They are ssssllllooooowwww and seem to work better under a bit of pressure - but please do NOT rely on them and do send out ...
  9. Is this what a EEN is all about ?

    DON'T turn your nose up at aged care - as someone with nigh on 30 years experience in ICU I am STILL cleaning the same old !@#!@ while many of my contemporaries who chose the aged care field are working as Directors of Nursing!! You actually can have...
  10. Transition to specialty practice courses.

    Answer - Queensland (OK so I am a Queensland nut - that is why I chose Mcadamia as a name) But not to put the other states down but Queensland has a whole swathe of "transition to practice" programs designed to take the new beginner in a speciality ...
  11. The one issue that absolutely floored me when I first worked here was the treatment for the floridly acutely paranoid patient. They 'tube them, sedate and ventilate before they fly them out. Apparently that rule came about after one patient tried to...
  12. us rn needing info about nz, oz

    That could explain why we are inundated!! But I do know we will sponsor staff - AND provide free accommodation or rental assistance - actually the whole package is pretty attractive AND there is always the option of doing more rural and remote while ...
  13. Us RN 2 months in melbourne. Advice

    Okay you can get free accommodation at any of the rural and remote hospitals BUT most will be too small for you, if you are from overseas, but mine is an 83 bed hospital constantly looking for staff Trouble is - if you think you are isolated in Adela...
  14. Okay - a bit of fun with some real questions behind it. I would love to find out who between us has the most remote facilities. My next nearest ICU from the one where I work is 665 kilometres but we normally fly out to the nearest ICU within the sta...
  15. ICU nursing Australia vs The US

    Usually the ratio's are 1:1 with occasional units running 1:2 during meal breaks - but be aware we use a LOT less chemical restraint than apparently is used in the USA and some unit do not use, or rarely use physical restraints. I work rural and re...