Canada Vs Australia - who has the most rural and remote?


Okay - a bit of fun with some real questions behind it.

I would love to find out who between us has the most remote facilities. My next nearest ICU from the one where I work is 665 kilometres but we normally fly out to the nearest ICU within the state which is 903 kilometres away (It is also a far bigger ICU) To get to the capital city is 1,500 kilometres

So, I would be fascinated to find out if anyone works in any facility as remote as ours and if so, how do YOU overcome the distance


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I work in Edmonton. Our patients come from the high/far North. Inuvik is around 1900 km away. But we've had some that came from the islands pretty much at the top of world.

We get the high risk deliveries, bear attacks (yup, when polar bears go bad, you come to us for plastics, opthamology, etc), colon cancers, transplants.

They come all year when it's -40C, the medivacs still bring 'em.


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The one issue that absolutely floored me when I first worked here was the treatment for the floridly acutely paranoid patient.

They 'tube them, sedate and ventilate before they fly them out. Apparently that rule came about after one patient tried to open the doors of the aircraft as they were flying out