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  1. To my ICU nurses, I just started working on ICU unit that involves all specialties. It’s  a community hospital and we are the only ICU unit in the hospital. With that being said, you have to have knowledge in everything including cardiac, neuro, GI, pulmonary, GU. DKA,Etc.  My question is, can someone recommend icu pocket guide book  that talks about the diseases, how to treat it and what to look for? I want something that I can put in my pocket for a quick reference.  I hope something like that even exist. Thanks in advanced. 

    1. BADGER_RN


      It's not really pocket size but it's an extremely helpful reference guide for the ICU. The icu book by paul marino. With that much information. I'm thinking the only thing pocket size to hold that information would be Google on a phone lol! Maybe someone else has something condensed they can recommend. 


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