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  1. I work at Banner Ironwood which is a small facility and I know that we just hired 2 new grads! So YES, the job market it slowly picking up for new grads!! Banner is a great company to work for!
  2. I've recently been offered a position in ICU at Flagler and Memorial hospitals (waiting to hear back from Baptist South). Anyone have any pros or cons with any of the facilities?? I'm aware of benefits, pay, etc, just curious about all of the little things. Thanks!!!
  3. RachNichole

    Pay Grade: Having an AS vs. a BS

    There isn't a pay difference at my facility either. It seems to me that the hospitals that really pay attention are those with magnet status, or those in attempts to gain this status. My hospital hasn't seemed to push the issue on anyone!!
  4. RachNichole

    Input on Jacksonville hospitals?

    In 5 short months my family will be relocating to Ponte Vedra FL. I've been looking around at the different job openings at different facilities, but was hoping to get a little insight on the better places to work as well as pay. I work MICU nights and make $37.50/hr here in AZ. Not sure how comparable the wages are there? ANY info I would really appreciate! Thanks a ton!
  5. RachNichole

    Moving to FL--Stuart or Bradenton area?

    @JDsGirl, we actually didn't! We got pregnant, oops, so the move has been postponed to this spring. We'll be there in March and I can't wait!!! Any info on good places to work in the Stuart/Jupiter area would be much appreciated!! )
  6. RachNichole

    Are there any GOOD places to work in Florida??

    That's so awesome to hear!! We're looking in that area, and it seems that Baycare hospitals are well liked by their staff! Thanks so much for the input!
  7. RachNichole

    Memorial Hospital in Tampa

    I'm curious about this hospital, and also others in the area as well!! Hope you get some info!!!
  8. RachNichole

    Are there any GOOD places to work in Florida??

    I've done ICU for the past 3 years and PCU the 2 years prior to that. I'm making just over $33/hr now, so knowing that it could possibly not be as drastic of a pay cut as what I had thought, makes me much more comfortable!! I didn't see any ICU positions posted, but we won't be moving until early next year-- hopefully by that time they'll have one available .
  9. RachNichole

    Are there any GOOD places to work in Florida??

    Thank you so much for your input!! We're actually planning to move to the Clearwater/Bradenton area, so that's perfect!! Is the pay decent too?? I was told, on average in FL, I'm looking at about $26/hr for 5yrs experience.
  10. After reading the posts, I'm wondering if there are any places to work, in Florida, that people actually enjoy their jobs?? I'm hoping for decent pay as well, but happiness in my careers ranks highest! Any insight would be appreciated!!
  11. from what i've heard, florida nurses don't get paid well. i'm currently making over $37/hr with my shift diff here in az, but we will be moving to fl early next year to be closer to family. i'm trying to figure out where would be the best places for us to live, based, in part, on the higher paying areas. we'll definitely be living on the coast, and have debated tampa/bradenton/fort myers vs stuart/west palm/pompano beach areas. any insight on the pay and hospitals in these areas would be truly appreciated! it's hard to find out this information without flying over there to interview- but i'd like to have an idea of the area we should atleast start to look in first!!
  12. At the banner hospitals it's typically 6:1 with aids. Our docs also enter their own orders, but there is usually a unit secretary. I've never worked med/surg, but I've floated to the floors and this is standard.
  13. RachNichole

    Nurse to Patient ratios, your thoughts

    Where I work there is a 4:1 ratio, sometimes flexing up to 5:1. Tele patients can be quite sick and 8:1 is rediculous! Where I work they only have a 6:1 patient ratio on med/surg even! These are both WITH techs! I would NOT do this! Remember that you've worked hard for your license, and you don't want to lose it!!
  14. RachNichole

    Sarasota/Bradenton area

    I, too, am looking for info on hospitals in this area! I'm hoping to find a not-for-profit hospital to work for.
  15. RachNichole

    Moving to Chandler area, what are the good hospitals?

    Banner is amazing, Mercy Gilbert is good too I've heard. I've worked for Banner for the past 5 years and love my job!! Best of luck!