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  1. I, Patient

    She bled one month after a surgery done to keep her baby from coming out too soon. She had been on bed rest ever since the cerclage. Day and night, she holds on to her rosary, whispering a prayer every chance she gets. She talks to her baby while her...
  2. Finished BSN... can i take licensure for LVN?

    thanks for ur reply... 'all documentation" u mean all the requirements needed from the school where i graduated? btw, i already have a GC.
  3. hi all! i've been waiting for my nclex result.. and if after all this time i aint got no luck, is it possible for me to take the licensure for LVN instead? do i need to attend schooling for me to be able to take the LVN exam? can somebody give a quic...
  4. Just took NCLEX-RN

    congrats to our new RNs! i hope and pray more good news will follow... for me and for all those who are still waiting :)
  5. CA NCLEX Takers...How Long For Results?

    i am also from the bay area. took the nclex last saturday and been dying to see the result as soon as i got home (though technically i assume i would have to wait at least 4 days to a month and beyond). just have that kind of feeling, im sure you kno...
  6. Finally results!!!

    just wondering... how soon do the results come out? i am on the same boat..
  7. Just took NCLEX-RN

    any idea how long it takes to see the results? and i'm not even sure if i'm looking at the right website... is it anyway, im not sure how many questions i took, but last time i checked there have been 15...
  8. any FILIPINO members here?

    in my case, i grew up leaning to the "idea" that to be a doctor is the ultimate dream... i gave it a try but didn't really fell in love with it. i didn't fall in love with nursing as well, but as time passed i learned to live with it, and now, as an ...
  9. any FILIPINO members here?

    i entered nursing school in 2002, and that's 16 years after u became an RN. there had been tons of changes in the nursing curriculum. our CI's would tell us their horrifying experiences with their CI's back then. The discipline before is far differen...
  10. any FILIPINO members here?

    even lawyers, dentists, military men, seamen, and almost everybody else! i just learnt that one friend who is in the US now is coming back to the Philippines only to take up nursing.. (guess office jobs can't sustain the lifestyle they want eh..) th...
  11. any FILIPINO members here?

    yeah, thats what i thought.. but some friends start to tell me we cant always bring the attitude we had here, no matter how creative we can be and make do with what-have-we's, not everyone can appreciate it.. they still go 'by the book' and i thing t...
  12. any FILIPINO members here?

    may i also say that many nursing students of today (second-degree coursers or not) take up nursing as a gatepass entry to US (or to any other country as a stepping stone to US).. haha i remember one friend of mine told me she's starting to hate that ...
  13. Quickest Way for Getting Things Done and Licensed in US

    oh ok... im guessing the application has to be sent prior to the crdentials.. hmmm guess iv gotten some wrong info there.. thanks suzanne! things have pretty much went topsyturvy inside my head :chuckle
  14. Quickest Way for Getting Things Done and Licensed in US

    well, such a relief!! thanks for the info! --btw, wont i get into trouble if i apply to both (or in any 2 states for that matter) at the same time?
  15. Quickest Way for Getting Things Done and Licensed in US

    ok, im finally looking at vermont... but quick question: what if my credentials have already been sent to california? do i have to send another set to vermont? or i have no choice but to go on with cali?