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  1. chlyxenne

    I, Patient

    She bled one month after a surgery done to keep her baby from coming out too soon. She had been on bed rest ever since the cerclage. Day and night, she holds on to her rosary, whispering a prayer every chance she gets. She talks to her baby while her...
  2. chlyxenne

    any FILIPINO members here?

    in my case, i grew up leaning to the "idea" that to be a doctor is the ultimate dream... i gave it a try but didn't really fell in love with it. i didn't fall in love with nursing as well, but as time passed i learned to live with it, and now, as an ...
  3. chlyxenne

    any FILIPINO members here?

    i entered nursing school in 2002, and that's 16 years after u became an RN. there had been tons of changes in the nursing curriculum. our CI's would tell us their horrifying experiences with their CI's back then. The discipline before is far differen...
  4. chlyxenne

    any FILIPINO members here?

    even lawyers, dentists, military men, seamen, and almost everybody else! i just learnt that one friend who is in the US now is coming back to the Philippines only to take up nursing.. (guess office jobs can't sustain the lifestyle they want eh..) th...
  5. chlyxenne

    any FILIPINO members here?

    yeah, thats what i thought.. but some friends start to tell me we cant always bring the attitude we had here, no matter how creative we can be and make do with what-have-we's, not everyone can appreciate it.. they still go 'by the book' and i thing t...
  6. chlyxenne

    any FILIPINO members here?

    may i also say that many nursing students of today (second-degree coursers or not) take up nursing as a gatepass entry to US (or to any other country as a stepping stone to US).. haha i remember one friend of mine told me she's starting to hate that ...