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  1. 37icurn

    Bloomsburg University CRNA Interview

    From scranton, it is only 1 hour on 80 west, not sure about philly.
  2. 37icurn

    Bloomsburg U interview

    LaSalle University/ Frank J Tornetta, congrats to you as well
  3. 37icurn

    Bloomsburg U interview

    I got a letter a few days ago. Unfortunalely, I did not get an interview, but I did get accepted elsewhere and already started taking my MSN classes. Thanks for replying, what program did you get accepted to. Good luck.
  4. 37icurn

    Bloomsburg University CRNA Interview

    I am also waiting for a letter, what date is your interview. You are coming all the way from CA, to a really small PA town. I am approx one hour from the campus. Did you apply to any other PA schools.
  5. 37icurn

    Bloomsburg U interview

    Has anyone received information regarding when interviews will be conducted. The application deadline was Oct 1. Thanks for any replies.
  6. 37icurn

    Accepted, now what's next financially, homelife

    Thank you all for the advice, sorry it took so long to respond, been kind of busy with school, family, and work. To Sicubaby, I got accepted to Frank J.Tornetta it's in Philadlephia, I am taking all of my msn courses, then start clinical aspect in 2014. I received good news from stafford loans, and my school offers a deferred tuition payment plan for tuition assistance. So everything seems to have worked out, so I will keep my fingers crossed that it continues. Good luck to all, and thanks.
  7. 37icurn

    Excela School of Anesthesia...

    josephj, I interviewed at Frank J Tornetta in Aug, and got accepted for the 2014 class. Director is very nice. I am currently taking msn courses at LaSalle. Their program allows you to take all msn courses before starting anesethesia clinical residency. Good Luck, maybe we will be in same class for 2014
  8. Hello all I am writing this thread for some advice. A brief history; married, father of 3 kids ages now 8,6,2, wife stay at home mom now but will pick up part time work during school. Taking msn courses now, clinical starts in 2014. First dillema, cannot get student loans because of a loan that is currently in default from BSN course, so doing overtime to pay for each class as I go. Can anyone tell me how much debt they incurred for their program. I also plan on joining the navy reserves when my clinical starts, but do not owe them time until after graduation. My general question is I have an idea of what a CRNA makes as a new grad (115,000-150,00) please correct me if I am wrong, but my question is with a mortgage, student loans and other fixed family expenses, what is the average amount of repayment on your graduate loans, and is there money left over. I am not materialistic, nor do I plan on becoming. I have a modest mortgage, and 2 not to fancy cars and some credit card debt. I know it sounds great to make two times your nursing salary, but my wife is having a hard time seeing the positive in this 4.5 yr journey. Also would like to hear from people that went through any program with kids. Was there ample amount of time with family? Did anyone ever get divorced because of the committment required, please be honest because my wife is very supportive, but sometimes she has days were acting like a single mother is a lot to go through? If anyone can give an updated "day in the life" it would also be greatly appreciated. I have previous day in the life post and found them to be very informative. Finally, is there a online support group for spouses of SRNA's, if so please post? Thank you everyone for any response, all are greatly appreciated.
  9. 37icurn

    I got in,Tornetta class of 2014

    Hello just wondering if there is anyone else out there for the class of 2014. I just received my letter last week.
  10. 37icurn

    interview at Frank J Tornetta

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has recently interviewed at Tornetta. I have an interview in August for the 2014 class, and was just curious of what to expect. I was told my application packet looks very good, so I was wondering if everyone gets an interview. Any replies will be appreciated , thanks
  11. 37icurn

    Online CRNA

    I have been a nurse for 4.5 years, and worked at GWV for approximately 1.5 years.
  12. 37icurn

    Online CRNA

    Hello Fawn, I am new to this thread, but I saw that you are currently enrolled at Bloomsburg. I have applied there for 2012. I will be taking 501(theory;I think) in fall of 2011. Any pointers on the interview process. If you don't mind, where did you work prior to applying. I currently work at Geisinger Wyoming Valley MSICU. I was planning on taking online summer courses but they were filled. Good luck to you, hope to hear from you about the program. Thanks
  13. Hello everyone, I have a question regarding how many letters of reference should I send. The University I am applying to requires 3(one from a crna). I have asked approximateley 5-6 professionals to write letters. I have asked Chief anesthesiologist, fellow ICU nurse, undergraduate professor, 2 CRNA's, and CT surg PA who also works in the ICU on the overnight shift. So my question is, what are the top 3, and should I send more than 3. Any replies will be appreciated. Thank you

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