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  1. I recently got accepted to the CCBC online/hybrid nursing program. I would love to have some feedback from persons who are enrolled or have graduated from the program. Anyone interesting kindly shoot me a feedback. Thanks a million. `Dre
  2. bardre21

    CCBC Fall 2011 Online/Hybrid

    Hey Paula that the same problem i am having. I myself not sure if i can make it to the orientation becuase i will be on vacation on that day and it is expensive for me to make changes to my itenary now. I am trying to see if the director at Catonsville can work something out for me. Do you have any info about the clinical hours and other good stuff. Let me know thanks a million. ` Andrae
  3. bardre21

    CCBC Fall 2011 Online/Hybrid

    I got my letter i the mail last friday. i was suprise that the orientation will be on the 13 of June which is pretty early for my liking. I am trying to get acquainted with my future class mates since i am not sure if i will be able to attend orientation on that day.