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  1. Hi, I am a nurse who in the last few years joined our systems QM department as a Quality and Accreditation Specialist. A small group of us have been asked to develop KPIs for this position --do any of you have such, or a clinical ladder, for a s...
  2. Matthew_RN

    Anyone have any info regarding POTS syndrome?

    If you google there is a whole forum related to dysautomonia and POTS. my gf was dx with dysautomoniaa, POTs and EDS just over a year ago. That is after having spending her whole life with headaches that put her to bed. She had doctors tell her she w...
  3. Matthew_RN

    Follow-up after interview...

    A card is nice but, consider sending an email thanking them while also highlighing some of the positives you bring to the table. When I receive these I take note when the person makes mention of one or two of the things I talked about with them. ...
  4. Thanks for help-- I have an interview tomorrow on a dialysis unit as a staff RN. I have been away from the bedside, but not nursing, for the past 3 years. I have an ICU background and commonly did SCUF dialysis when I worked in the MICU. So, I am ...