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Just wondering what are some outside of the box jobs that you do when not teaching? I love my faculity job, but the truth is it just simply does not pay the bills. Most of my co-workers still work bedside PRN or part-time. I would really like to do something besides bedside -- just a little burnt out on bedside after all these years.

Bachground: I have a MSHA, MSN-ED and I have an accidemic cert in Healthcare Quality and Safety. I worked in quality for about 4 years, prior to teaching, and I working in nursing informatics about 15 years ago. I feel like I have a lot tp offer in a lot of different areas, but it is hard to find something that is not fulltime and willing to work around the school schedule. I truly want to keep teaching, and I knew it did not pay the best, but.....

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Matthew_RN,

It's great that you're reaching out to the AllNurses community to try and sort out other means of income. Have you thought about looking at other areas in education to see if other schools offer better pay? Are you working as a Clinical Instructor for schools, or a lecturer/lab instructor? I've heard lecturers get a lot more pay than Clinical Instructors. 

One of my former colleagues worked in research, which is relatively flexible, as well as a Clinical Instructor at a University, so that's always an option. I've also heard of nurses working as freelance legal nurse consultants as well as bedside at the same time. 

Here is an article from AllNurses about other RN positions that are out there: Best Registered Nurse (RN) Jobs and Salaries in 2024 - Nursing Careers (allnurses.com)

I hope you find an answer, best of luck! 

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