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  1. One of the most important things to learn in nursing is how to stick up for yourself, because unfortunately it's a rarity that someone else will do it for you. I've found that, in most cases, it earns the respect you deserve. No, it's not the way thi...
  2. Yes, I KNOW this is an insane question! That being said, the degree itself is a life goal kind of thing, and I have most (all?) of the gen ed reqs done already- many from the school I'm planning to attend. Allowing myself to come to the full realiza...
  3. I feel like I get on here and vent every couple of years, and at this point I'm starting to think it's a sign. I've been a nurse for 10 years. I was an LPN for most of that time, and I graduated from an ADN program in December 2015. I live in Seattle...
  4. I don't know if any of you work in Seattle, but if you do, I've applied at (and hassled) Harborview for the periop 101, and Swedish just posted openings for the fall cohort this week. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know...especially for Swedis...
  5. How do I get into the OR as a new grad?

    Thanks ladyvp. I do have some dermatology experience, do I'll definitely bring that up. I feel pretty confident that I have the enthusiasm to get the job, is just a matter of getting an interview! thanks for the advice!
  6. How do I get into the OR as a new grad?

    Wow, no credit for being an LPN? That makes my blood boil. My LPN classmates have gotten credit, at least financially speaking, and have gotten into residencies as well. I admire you not putting up with that bull, though. You did it on your own, whic...
  7. How do I get into the OR as a new grad?

    Thanks Jess! Again, more great advice. Thank you so much. I'll definitely keep all this in mind, going forward. In Seattle, looks like there are a lot of OR openings right now, but not a lot of residencies specifically for OR. I might apply to some o...
  8. How do I get into the OR as a new grad?

    Thanks! Great tips! I think I could interview well for the OR because it won't be hard for me to feel passionate about it. I've been really lucky to observe many times, between the LPN and RN programs. Even got to see a CABG. It's the only area of nu...
  9. How do I get into the OR as a new grad?

    Thanks! I'm definitely going to mention my interest in OR to the recruiters. I hope something goes my way, in that regard! Congrats on getting the job!
  10. Hi all, I graduated in December 2015 from a well-respected community college in the Seattle area, and many of my classmates were already accepted into residencies at Swedish and Providence. I'm in the middle of planning a wedding, so I've put my care...
  11. WGU RN to BSN

    Thanks, I must have missed it.
  12. WGU RN to BSN

    Hey everyone, I did a search on this subject on allnurses and came up with ooooolllllllldddd threads. I might have missed a newer one, and if I did, I apologize. I'm an LPN with 9 years experience, and I'm 2 quarters away from finishing my ADN right...

    I just got accepted to an LPN to RN program...but they didn't have the space for me so I didn't actually get in (yes, it's backwards and dumb). A friend of mine, who used to be an LPN and actually made it to RN (although via an unaccredited school) j...
  14. At the end of my program

    Why are you feeling discouraged? It's best to address this now. When I was in the LPN program, I thought it was the hardest thing I ever did in my life....and then I had my first two weeks on the floor. I don't mean to freak you out even more, but I ...
  15. Annoyed! Where is the love?!

    Hey angiedoll, There's nothing wrong with being an LPN. I've been one for 7 years and it's been pretty rewarding, but at the same time, I completely feel your frustration. I recommend to anyone getting their LPN that he/she IMMEDIATELY bridge to the ...