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trooperwifey has 1 years experience and specializes in Emergency Nursing.

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  1. trooperwifey

    Let's compare ERs

    Just curious... how big is your ER, where are you located, and what is your patient load assignment? I am located in the north east, a level 1 trauma center. We see about 350-400 pts a day. Our patient load is 4:1 nurses, mostly. In the higher acuity areas, it is 3:1 with the possibility of a 'hallway' [awful!] patient, so it becomes 4:1. Just got done working the weekend and am beat! There was a line out the door and medics at triage all night, as soon as my rooms opened, they were filled up. I was getting two new medic patients as I was bringing up a patient to the floor that needed to be monitored. Glad this weekend is over
  2. trooperwifey

    New Postion -PCT's in ER transition

    You should be good on your skills, since they are not much different. I would say just the enviornment is probably going to be very different. I am not sure how busy your ED is, but when I was a PCT in my ED, it was also extremley busy and people everywhere. Dealing with patients/families on a different level might be an adjustment.
  3. trooperwifey

    Tutition Reimbursement

    I also think that most tuition programs are for current employees, who already met requirements (PT, FT hours..etc). I have heard of RN loan forgivness though. It may depend on what state you are in. When I graduated from my program, my dean forwarded us information on it.
  4. trooperwifey

    Winter Grad - When to apply? Also, licensing Q.

    I would personally get your RN license ASAP, then you can get a PA license. It would look better to an employer that you have an actual RN license number in hand, rather than trying to jump through hoops of getting the PA first. I am in a residency program now and they usually start posting the postitions in early October. So, your not too far away. I am close to where you will be applying, so I would check the places you are interested in applying for positions soon. GL!
  5. trooperwifey

    Happy to help a future healthcare professional

    That is awesome! I too, like others have been struggling to get weight off gained from nursing school.
  6. trooperwifey

    Got the good pop-up but don't trust it. Help!!!!

    I don't think so! Good luck getting your final results, nothing like seeing it on the BON website :)
  7. I just wanted to reply, maybe it will help you. When I first read that question, I didn't read the answer right away. I too, picked A. defib the patient. Here is why I thought that. If you are in the ED, then you have the equipment, ready, right away to do the defibing. That is better over CPR. We were always taught vfib=defib too.
  8. trooperwifey

    Took my NCLEX today!

    I'm a total fan of Kaplan, honestly. The decision tree was helpful and the Qtrainers/Qbank were priceless for me. And your scores are great, you will do fine! Of my 75, I had about 20 SATA. I am terrible at SATA anyways, but *most* of them were very easy, compared to Kaplan. I always got the SATA WRONG on Kaplan, missed by like 1 usually! HATE SATA, lol One calc, Lots of familiar medications, loads and loads of priority/delegation.
  9. trooperwifey

    Took my NCLEX today!

    Absoutley!! Good luck to you. I honestly felt like I was taking another qtrainer/qbank test. Kaplan's questions felt just a bit harder. Your on the right track by reviewing and learning from the rationales.! My last Qtrainer scores were: QT6: 66% GT7: 60%
  10. trooperwifey

    Took my NCLEX today!

    So, I have been lurking this portion of the site everday since I scheduled my NCLEX. I just wanted to post that I took my exam today, 75 guestions and got the GOOD POP up! Yessssssss! I am super happy but will be even more estatic when I actually see my name on the BON site, with a number next to it I used Kaplan mainly with a a very few tests/quizzes from Saunders. I'm glad I stayed with Kaplan because it felt like I was simply taking a qbank quiz. I honestly didn't like Saunders that much, but that's just me. My average for qbanks was 62% Good luck everyone!
  11. trooperwifey

    Another worried student about the NCLEX- RN

    I'm in the same boat as you. I take mine this week...., eek. I've just been studying Kaplan questions, and an ATI book that I like the way is formatted. QT 6 / 7 trainers are harder, and 7 took so long I still have a headache from it. I too, am freaking out about my scores. My Qbank is 61% right now, with about 150q to go. It will probably stay the same. I can't really tell from your scores, you should probably do QT 6/7 to see how your doing. I know my scores went from mid 50s to constant 60s/70s towards the end. Good luck!
  12. trooperwifey

    Office job for a new grad? Advice please!!!

    I would take the job too. Any job is better than no job :) Plus, now that you will have 'experience' you can apply for PRN hospital jobs and get your foot in the door that way too.
  13. These are hilarious but I am not suprised in the least! I have two that I would like to share. 1.) Triage is slamming to the point where all ambulance patients are lined up in the hallway. I finally get to a lady who came in via ambulance. Complaint? Itching from Poison Ivy... from which she was DXd and discharged EARLIER that day. 2.) An older lady who came in with a complaint of vag bleeding. Me: 'How long has this been going on ma'am?" Lady: 'Oh, about 20 years' Me: '20 years? What made you come in tonight?' Lady: 'I finally found a ride' Me: thinking... IT TOOK 20 YEARS TO FIND A RIDE!!!?? LOL
  14. trooperwifey

    In my case, more questions or content?

    I finished my Kaplan class today, and am about 3 weeks out from taking my NCLEX!! Kaplan was very helpful and I scored a 60% on my readiness exam, which I guess is around a 90% of passing? I HAVE NOT studied a lot of content, which makes me nervous. It's like I have gotten down the 'decision tree' and different NCLEX tips to help answer them. So, these last three weeks, should I focus on content or questions the most?
  15. trooperwifey

    New RN's...do you have a job ?

    I graduated the first week of May 2011 I landed an internship new graduate position in the ED in April. My hospital (in DE) and many in the area have these internships offered twice a year.