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OBJandro specializes in OB and MS.

I have been an RN since May 2008, I work in a rural hospital in Northern WI. I work OB and MS departments

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  1. OBJandro

    lovenox injection sites???

    I have always given lovenox injections in the abdomen. I recently had a patient that requested the injection in the thigh instead. I had mixed reports on whether or not that was ok from experienced nurses. Anyone have any idea whether or not this is ok??
  2. OBJandro

    "Stupid" questions and working as new RN

    I have been an RN now for over 3 years. I started out as an RN in the hospital setting working Med Surg. and I now work in OB. Honestly I was a wreck for nearly the first year. I thought the same thing you did, "Is nursing right for me?" I was worried I did something wrong, or missed something everyday. I made little mistakes often and beat myself up over them for weeks at a time! Experience is what builds confidence. You have the knowledge to do nursing now, but it takes time and experience to build up confidence in yourself and what you are doing. Things will get better I promise! Some of the things that seem stressful to you now will just be routine later. You are learning from all the little mistakes and you will turn into a very good nurse!! Be patient, and have lots of support during the first few months. Hope things get better for you, and keep us posted!! Hugs!!
  3. OBJandro

    Night shift sleep schedule

    I used to work 11p-7a. When I worked nights I would come home and eat breakfast. Then I would read or watch TV for about 30minutes. I would try to get to bed by 830 or 900. Then I would sleep until at least 5pm. My Husband would usually come home at 5 so I would then get up and eat supper with him. I found that when I got really dark shades and made my bedroom as dark as possible that I slept better. I would also sometimes take a benadryl or unisom to help me sleep better. Good luck!!