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  1. InFlewEnza

    Can't get a job as a CNA/GNA in Maryland

    Hi DanielCNA, I'm sorry you are so frustrated with the job search. I take it you live in Montgomery County? If so, have you considered applying to Georgetown and GWU in DC? How about applying to Inova in Northern Virginia? As a Marylander myself, I highly recommend looking into University of Maryland Medical Center. The facility always needs bright, motivated CNAs. Just a hint: if you apply to UMMC, apply for "patient care technician" jobs as well as "nursing assistant" jobs. Also, I know Anne Arundel Medical Center (Annapolis) PCU is looking for PCTs, too. Good luck!
  2. InFlewEnza

    University of Maryland fall 2011 masters program

    Hi and sorry for the delayed response. I've been talking to some friends and coworkers who have graduated from UMB, and they say the classes are much smaller than the undergrad program. Rumor says there are 20ish seats for our group, but I can't confirm or deny this. As far as the great work debate goes, I'm waffling a bit. I am full time staff in a busy, high acuity critical care area and love the job and my coworkers. But I don't know if I want the pressure to work on my unit and do the incidentals while keeping my focus on school. For me, school is my priority. I'm thinking about working approximately 60% and seeing how it goes. Like you, I am going to school full time. But seeing the potential grad student bill is a gut check. I enjoyed my experiences at UMB and felt I came away a strong, very prepared nurse. A good friend suggested I keep my focus on grad school, work some to apply our new knowledge to patients, and take student loans out to cover any gaps. What are you thinking about doing? Have you heard any tips or advice? I am really glad to have a classmate to chat with :)
  3. InFlewEnza

    University of Maryland fall 2011 masters program

    Hi, I'm going to be a classmate of yours! Much like you, I'm excited but nervous too, for a myriad of reasons. I did my undergrad at UMB, and I know some of our instructors, but am nervous about this new experience, too!