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  1. I am a Licensed ACNPC-AG, just graduated and boarded. I originally wanted to work in the ED however most ED's want an FNP due to the Peds component. How long would it take to go back again....( UGHHH) and get my FNP.. Honestly I'm not even sure I want to go back however if Staying in hospital due to many factors, job opportunity's and so forth the ACNPC-AG can be limiting. Any guidance would be appreciated!
  2. I am a new grad NP. Having a hard time finding a job. If i take a nursing home position, How easy is it to move back into hospital setting as an NP?
  3. LTmurse78

    USAF FLight Nurse ECAC

    I will be heading to Evasion conduct after Capture training in Decemeber. Its only 4 days. Its not the Full lenght class. I was hoping to talk to someone who may have gone through this program and get a heads up as to how its going to be. Can't say I'm looking forward to it. Anyadvicewould be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any comments!
  4. LTmurse78

    Comissioined Officer Training

    Ok here is the deal. I have been a nurse about 2 years now. I am Currently in a program called COT for the Air Force. I am struggeling and want to know an answer to a question. I want to know what happens if you Fail the program for academics. I have a big test on monday and I need to pass it. If I dont i know i can take one more. Hypotheticly if i fail that one does it mean that I will FAIL cot. Will I be a booted from the Air Force? What exactly does it mean for me? I am trying hard to pass, I am just not good at studying under this kind of pressure. Anyone out there that may have some information on this good or bad. Thanks
  5. LTmurse78

    Should I leave or stay?

    Ok here is the low down. I work in the southeast and I am hired on as a prn BSN Nurse that makes $31.00hr . Sounds freaking awesome and yes it is when you consider i'm a new grad and I work night shift. However, when I dont get 36hours a week that number starts to be more of vice. It makes me say " should I stay here, even though i am not getting the hours i want its still decent money for less hours." I have been asking around about picking up a shift in another department but from what i hear. If i happen to get over time that week then the department that originally worked in will have to pay the over time . I.e ( work 36 hours on my med surg unit, have a few days off decide to work in ER- get ONE extra day then med surge pays the overtime pay?) does that sound right? sorry to load you guys full of questions but the big one is should i stay or should i go for a full time position with benifits and PTO. OH, and my ungodly amount of student loans just kicked in- that just blows- Thanks
  6. LTmurse78

    Makeing 80k

    How can I, a new grad from a BSN program make 80k a year without having to get a master's. I am currently working prn at a hospital. the pay would be nice if the hours were consitant. Should I try and work somewhere else? Work two jobs? Can a travel nurse work in the local area and still be considered a travel nurse? oh well off to work!
  7. LTmurse78

    BSN with less than 3.0

    Thanks all for the reply's. I know that it will be a struggle but hope is always what pushes me, no doubt. I will look into vandy and many others, i'll keep ya posted throgh the process.
  8. LTmurse78

    BSN with less than 3.0

    I really would like to get a Masters degree. My GPA is a 2.73 and I worked hard for that. I know its not high or competitive but could I get into a FNP school or the cuveted CRNA school. I know they are competitive but those are the ones I have been exposed to. If there are any ideas of other programs that I may be able to get into I would love any ideas. Oh, I just graduated in may 11 with a BSN and I am an RN on a medsurg floor. I am willing to work for years to be competitive as well.
  9. LTmurse78

    PRN A,B,C

    I just accepted a Job that Is PRN C it is guaranteed 32 hrs a week. I was just curious what the A and B plans might be like. Anyone have any ideas?
  10. LTmurse78

    Will I get a NCLEX breakdown after taking?

    Well in that case I dont want one at all!
  11. I took the NCLEX and passed last week. I want to see how I did on the test like a graph or something. I had the whole 265 it was brutal. Anyway just wanted to know if anyone that has taken and recived any type of breakdown on how they did later on. thanks
  12. LTmurse78

    I passed the NCLEX is that a garuntee for me to be a nurse?

    Honestly I used the Hurst review but i cant say it was extremely helpful. knowing the core knowledge is helpful but that test is unique. you will see questions like you never have before. I had a question on what an ABG should look like for an 85 year old man and all the values were in someway messed up. Anyway, not trying to scare you but the best way to study is rely on gut feeling and understanding the basics so you can build off of that during the test. I have read on here somewhere that there is a blueprint to help study the nclex. sounded helpful give it a try but just trust yourself and what you know! good luck to you!
  13. LTmurse78

    I passed the NCLEX is that a garuntee for me to be a nurse?

    Thank you soooo much!! I got nothing to hide so RN here I come!!
  14. I know its stupid but this is how my anxiety gets me. I passed the NCLEX is that a for sure thing that the state board is going to give me a liscence? I was under the impression that the NCLEX was reviewed twice once by the pearson Vue then by the state. I was able to look at my results through pearson vue "Quick results" because we are a quick results state, but is that 100% sure i will get my liscense. Thanks..:)
  15. LTmurse78

    Wait Time on Pearson Vue Quick Vue

    Ciprea Congrats It feels good call yourself RN! Fiori Very big congratulations! That is awesome You worked hard and seeing that pop is 100% pass!! good job
  16. LTmurse78

    Wait Time on Pearson Vue Quick Vue

    Update. I got my results from Pearson and I passed!!!!! 265 question passing. What a blessing that is !!!!

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