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  1. ZZTopRN

    NLRB decision could strip rights of RN to be in unions!

    Hey guys: Get on this. If you want union representation, which I needed today, and it was very discreetly, and I rightly had my rights returned to me. I know everyone does not agree with joining a Union, and I have heard others have had some not so great with them. This union rep has a degree on labor law and is really great. I can't say enough about him. He knows his job. I coulld have been out the door for what was discipline for something I didn't do. I was at the rally in LA and it was impressive. Hundreds of nurses. This is a very important issue if you want to be in the CNA. Battista tried to ignore all the signatures on paper and wanting to be heard. He would not come down and accept. However, the "mighty, mighty" nurses "persuaded a security guard to come down and pick it up. Thank all of you that choose to participate and protect our patients and our rights.
  2. ZZTopRN

    I am older, and would rather not say BUT...

    Good new!! Met with HR, my union rep and DON. Got what I wanted. Will get the teaching on the things I didn't get, and new preceptorship. I think some of the offenders will be talked to since the issue was raised with HR. The nurse is one I really like. But I really think all the negotiations were done by email between the union rep and HR. So I am very happy. Thank all of you, mucho, mucho.
  3. ZZTopRN

    Acute rehab

    What is a good place to work in acute rehab in San Diego? Thanks.
  4. ZZTopRN

    Hearing Loss: Can more be done...

    Hi: Read your post and sorry say that I can't anything to your question. However, I am hoping other people see this post and can share any information they may have. I have had gradual hearing loss, probably due to age, but as I understand, it doesn't have to do with age necessarily. I have 2 in the ear canals, bottom of the line, 1400 apiece but they don't restore normal hearing loss. They amplify background noise which makes it harder to hear. They work well if you are talking to someone if you are not in a noisy enviroment, and they tend to help a lot when you watch TV or movies, but as stated before, they do not return normal hearing. So maybe someone on this board can answer some of your questions (and mine) and give us a litte heads up.
  5. ZZTopRN

    I am older, and would rather not say BUT...

    Thank you all for your encouragement and replies. I couldn't figure out what to say about why I left. But saying it wasn't a good fit sounds good. Thank you for that insight. This is a Tenet hospital and is being forced by the Federal Government to sell or close the hospital by February or close, for bribing doctors to send their patients to them or something like that. I was hoping I could hold out until the new owners came along. Since the DON said she will investigate and call me tomorrow, I will have the union rep meet with me if there is any discipline. If we can come to an agreement, I want limits set and more information about the pxysis since I wasn't called to get my training and certificate on it like the other nurses. If I am fired, I will stay until I can find something else. The biggest reason I have been trying to hang on is, an 8-hour shift, and possible changes by new owners. But if I get fired, will there be any benefit of my saying to a potential new employer that it was not a good fit? It might work, because Tenet has does some pretty bad things, like unessasary heart surgery in their LA hospitals. Just my last Saturday there on my last shift there were so many things that concerned me about patient care. First was a patient that was being discharged that had no d/c papers. I had called the NM because of the swelling and redness and the refusal of the patient and her husband to be discharged. There was no prep for the DC and no after home care. Of course, she was on antibiotics and her husband had only one arm to try and change dressings, but insurance wouldn't pay. I don't know how it all turned out or if she got home care. There was another patient that had an original surgical dressing that I asked the NM 3 times about calling the doctor about changing it. She ended up changing the whole dressing after all the guaze fell out and she was bleeding drops of blood from the incision. Then the same day, I had a pt with a PICC line whose arm was bruised and the insertion site was red and swollen. The charge nurse said it didn't need to be changed. I didn't get to be assigned to that patient again. So much for all the trauma. I definitely will start looking, but it is going to be rough to find an 8-hour shift. Again, thanks for replying, but it does drag you down after awhile. Any more suggestions, I would appreciate hearing. It helps when you are in a spot for others input to give perspective.
  6. it can happen as it did to me when I couldn't get my clinical instructor to pass me on my clinicals. (98& in classroom). She was an aged woman, hard on the eyes saying "you can't keep up with these young nurses, it's a dog-eat-dog world in nursing." So guess what? I challenged that and didn't get my clinical RN renewal certificate. However, I got a per diem job in an acute hospital and found maybe not the age, but cliques. Cliques that don't give you information, cliques that leave you completely alone on the floor, cliques that harass you with the "cold stare" and hostiley interrupts you on every turn. Report that the pt is a lamin, staples from base of neck to coxxyc. Glares and "how many staple." Nurses prepouring their meds from the pxysis. Different standards for you. Pulling meds from the pxysis and you are purposely interrupted, "are you doing your meds," I need pain meds, over and over until they have poured their meds, but not you. Late with your charting because CNAs telling you "you can do it." NM and DON saying "I come in for 10 minutes and everyone is working." I didn't know I worked on a unit where the nurses were perfect, all the newcomers are run off. But I did see a few incidents of patient neglect. So it's not just Group One in FW. Good old coworkers. I was sent home today because I was "not safe" passing meds. Patient complaints. No wrong meds given. "just didn't seem like she knew what she was doing." On and on, 10th day 90 evaluation due. Called 11th to come in for it. Called in to work today and was told to go home until "investigation" was over. I asked both my former employers if they were called, said no one had called for references. Was told they didn't. Did go through background check though. What chance have I got, older, re-entry nurse, if you complain about harassment, told "what goes around comes around." My sympathy for others and my self. I will be called tomorrow to tell me the results of "my investigation. Even though I am a union employee, I am an at will employee. So how does a nurse with these "limitations" get another job. What reference are you going to give? There are not too many (more like little except LTCs because 2 very large corporations own everything.) Just ranting, giving my sympathy to you guys that are experiencing this also.
  7. ZZTopRN

    All nurses into supervisors ?

    I plan to attend one of the rallies. But what rights do I have as a per diem at will employee? Even though I belong to the union?
  8. ZZTopRN

    Conscious sedation and consent

    I have been treated for "watermelon stomach" for over a year with periodic cauterizations of my stomach until the bleeding was under control. Hg went from 6 to 14.1. However, 3 months after the next procedure (endoscopy) I was completely conscious and was having pain and tried telling the doctor. I have always been not conscious during the prior procedures. The usual fentynal and versed. However, I asked the doc why I was having pain and why I was conscious. He said it was because he "went into the esophagus." This time he said I had AV malformation of the esophagus and to come back in 3 months. Gave me the pictures of the side that was cauterized along with the other side where seeping blood could be seen. In that early am I had horrible pain and called the doctor. He told me to go to the emergency room, I asked why couldn't he just order some medication for me? Anyway, he said he was going to meet me in the emergency department, which never happened. The ER doc came and told me the CT scan was normal and not another word was said to me or anyone came back. Finally, tiring of lying on the stretcher in the ER wiped out from the pain and lack of sleep, I asked the nurse to remove my IV, I was going home. The ER doc called my doc, and my doc said I could go home. When he called the next day and asked how I was feeling, you can imagine what my comments were. I told him that we were parting company and he apologized. I have an appointment with him in about 3 weeks to "discuss this misunderstanding." As I said, he did a wonderful job with cauterizing the bleeders in my stomach, but AV malformation all of a sudden, conscious, and the doc saying he gave me all the pain med he could, what the #!"%? Although I am going to have the appointment with him, I want to give him the benefit of the dbout, but he is part of one of those large corporate hospitals that runs the endoscopy like an assembly line. I just don't know whether to trust him any more. He is Dr. ***** INC.s And of course, if a doctor belongs to a large corporate hospital, you will have much trouble finding another doctor who will take you. This hospital chain has just about gobbled up all the hospitals in this city. I feel kind of scared! AV malformation of the esophagus. Gee, I wonder if I have the same thing in my brain. Sorry if I sound wound up, but I am really uncomfortable with all these "whiz through" procedures. I need some comfort!!!!!!!
  9. If so, you know about the impending sale of the hospital. I am a per diem employee and find that I am only a "at will worker." And as you know we are unionized. We do have these meetings that try to update us on the sale of the hospital, and it was my understanding that none of us would lose our job because of the sale. But now a new newletter just came out saying that "that those who are in good standing will be "offered a position" after the sale. I feel that my position as per diem RN is precarious. Why do I need to be in the union then?" I feel very vulnerable after the being told we would not lose our jobs and the union will still exist. But what does "those in good standing will be offered jobs mean? Also are you aware of Bush's plan to bust the union and actions toward this to start in August? Supposedly, they are calling RNs "supervisors" and supervisors do not have a right to unionize. It appears to affect the hard-won 1-5 ratios. Any info or insite? I guess I don't know enough about my status from the union as a per diem employee. Hope some of you might give me some information. I will be calling the union rep again to see if we have any rights at all. (per diem employees) Thanks, if you are at Alvarado and can give me any info. I plan on attending the Rally on July11 in Los Angeles about this "union busting," but I'm thinking it is not going to be to my benefit. I would appreciate if any of you who are at Alvarado would reply, especially if you are going to the July 11 Rally. Cheers
  10. Thanks, Space Nurse I am surprised something as serious as this and so close has not appeared anywhere on this board. It appears that there was a plan in action if the CNA get rights to unionize and staffing ratios, not to worry, good old Bush would be there to back up the governor.
  11. Supposedly Bush is proposing to take action to bust the CNA with some strategy by August?
  12. Thanks to all of you that chose to care and reply to my post.I feel so much better. I am per diem so I am going to only chose to work 2 days this week and take care of myself. They did get me in a position where I couldn't help crying, but the next day I came back and was very confident. Nobody bothered me much except for the nurse manager. She is a cold one. I had a patient who was in a traumatic mva. At the end of the shift, the mother came to me and said she wanted to talk to me. She started crying and said her daughter asked about her 2 dogs that were in the car, and she had to tell her that they had been killed in the accident. I went to the nurse manager who was charge that day hoping that maybe both of us could do something to comfort her. Her response to me was "why was the mother telling her this at this time, a neuropsychologist is going to see her." I just felt so bad. I went back in and talked to the daughter and mother and comforted them as much as I could. No telling when the "neuropsycholigist" was going to have time to make the consult. I had already given my report and could not find the nurse I gave it to. She, the nurse, is a nice person so maybe she will be able to help them until these needs are addressed. Again, I am so grateful for your support. With your input and taking time of I feel I will be able to put this all in perspective. Thank you so much.
  13. ZZTopRN

    How do you deal with lazy nurses??

    What is panadol? Does it help you deal with trying to attend to your patients, doctors, administration and the CNAs telling you to do their work and then report you? This teamwork stinks. It is curious most of the time they are not around, going to the cafeteria getting their lunch, not checking out and talking with their friends, bring the lunch back to the break room, then when they decide they can all get together, they punch out, then in a half hour punch back in again and go on with "lunchtime." Management sure won't deal with them. These cliques are stronger than management. Management stands up for them saying, you don't see them because they are doing their work. What the *&^%?
  14. Dear Snowfreeze: Thanks for your reply. It is happening to me after two months for reasons unk nown to me. I am not a young chickadee but I just don't get it. I don't understand hostility, especially from the Filipina nurses. There are some that are very kind and aren't into that kind of stuff. It seems like there is no in between. You say that you will learn new ways to deal with the stress. You sound like a very strong and together person. I don't get it though. What do these mean people get out of it? I don't want to be like that. I don't feel I can go to another hospital because I am new and need the experience. It just feels like the mean ones are so uncivilized. They can lie just like a regular con with no emotion. What is their point?