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  1. annv6

    Can I be a Nurse? Fear of blood.

    Maybe you could shadow a nurse for a day and see how much you can tolerate? I can be somewhat squeamish and I shadowed an ER nurse and found that when a patient is in serious need of care, no one is really paying attention to the blood etc. They are trying to save a life. The blood and gore becomes secondary. I think you get more tolerant to it each time you see it. Just a thought.
  2. annv6

    Do you do venipunctures as a nurse?

    PMFB - RN Just curious....you say your hospital won't hire direct entry Master's degree nurses anymore. Why? I just got accepted into a direct entry program and start in the fall. I don't want to waste my time and $$ if this is a dead end degree. Please advise.