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  1. Beth0215

    Operating Room Internship

    I am trying to make some decisions on my next steps as an RN, I'm getting ready to finish up my BSN and am considering applying for a few OR internships. I know it's "faux paux" to ask about salaries with recruiters and educators, but I'm really curious as what salary to expect should I complete an internship. I live in Richmond, VA....anyone have any input? Thanks, Beth
  2. Beth0215

    NLN Microbiology Exam

    Hi everyone! I am a new grad RN and am working towards my RN-BSN. I'm currently studying for the NLN Microbiology equivalency exam, and was wondering if anyone out there has taken this? If so, do you have any pointers on studying/narrowing down the information? The school I am applying to gave me a study guide, but I find it so generic that I feel like I'm re-typing the microbiology textbook I'm using! How difficult was the exam? Pass or fail? I'm not asking specifics, but I guess I'm asking...if you had it to do over again, would you have just taken the course? Thanks in advance for any advise or guidance you can give!