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  1. CS21

    North Central Missouri College

    Hi, Did you ever end up attending? I was interested in their online program.
  2. CS21


    ThomasP, what was it like through NMJC? it looks the most affordable. Was everything completely online? Or labs done at home?
  3. CS21


    Thanks for the recommendations. I'm just finishing my Micro from Portage Learning through Geneva College but they told me they won't accept any courses through them. I'm pretty bummed knowing I'll have to retake it so I wanted to find somewhere else where I know they've previously accepted it before.
  4. CS21


    Has anyone taken a Microbiology course somewhere else that has transferred to Hutchinsin? I know they said they won't allow it to be taken online through them, but wondering if anyone else has had luck with transferring theres in from an online program.
  5. CS21

    Portage Learning

    Following! I am also thinking about taking all their math and science courses. We should keep in touch if you sign up, I'm like 90% sure I'm signing up for their math classes sometime this summer.
  6. CS21

    Elgin Community College Spring '16

    Did you guys ever get accepted? Was it a difficult process? I'm very interested in the program but wondering how competitive it is?!
  7. CS21

    Elgin Community College Nursing Program

    Have you applied to the program? I'm trying to get more info as well and am wondering how competitive it is?
  8. CS21

    ECC Elgin Community College requirements

    Hello, I know it's been a couple of years! But could anyone give me any current info on the program? Or what I would really love to know is how long it took you guys to get accepted? I would have to retake all sciences because it has been more gab a long time but I have all the other courses except those. I'm just curious how competitive it is especially if your not from the Elgin area. Thanks!
  9. CS21

    LPN Private Schools?

  10. CS21

    LPN Private Schools?

    If anybody here is still loooking around I would really reccomend j Renee. They are located in elgin now right off I90 and the building is brand new and Soo nice. Plus the school also has financial aid now and it cut down my tuition in half. I know ambria has fin. Audi but their tuition is a lot more expensive. Soo I just thought I'd let anyone looking knows! O just git in the program and start tomorrow I'm so looking forward to it!
  11. CS21

    Choosing Good LPN School in/near Chicago?

    Ohh, thought I should let u kno and anyone looking, j Renee just got financial aid like literally this week, so awesoome :) and they're moving to a reallly nice new building in Elgin much closer to the chicagoland area, thank goddd
  12. CS21

    Has anyone heard of this school?

    I just started jrenee with some prereq classes, so far so good, I will admit they need to work on the administration side a bit more as far as scheduling classes to begin when scheduled and saying one thing but not being true, I have a classmate who was told its fine if she started the Lpn program without being a cna because her test date would be 2 weeks after the start of the Lpn program but when the teacher heard that she flipped saying that's impossible blah blah, well hey its not the girls fault blame the office ppl for letting her know that, all in all I do believe its a good school and you do learn because I'm learning a lot better at these pre reqs than in my cc, here I justearn the necessary information.not the overload of unnecessary info. I was reccimended by two nurses and im glad I cane here I was literally going to sign up for ambria but I had a bad feeling about it just meeting the owner he sounded too good to be true Plus he we.t around what tuition would be when I asked he's like Ohh roughly 20 something thousand, okay..and after the session a lady told me its going to be with everything, close to 32k, Wat! Insane, well to everyone out the j Renee is moving to a new building in Elgin, and just got approved for fin. Aid. So look out ambria,
  13. CS21

    Choosing Good LPN School in/near Chicago?

    Hi, just wanted to let u knoo I started with j Renee. And wow its been a little unorganized, I signed up for two prerequisites that were to start in June, point if the story they just started like this week. They rescheduled my classes like 4 times, I mean I really can't say its a huge problem for me because as long as I still have time to get into the Lpn program next month I'm good! But it was a tad frustrating dealing with my child's daycare...grr. but so far so good the math class looks super doable pheww and anatomy is what I expect. The teachers are all so friendly abs they're really understanding. I can't wait to finish these and begin the program! Plus the payment due dates worked out fine becausevthey changed the dates I'm not required to pay wen I was and they really don't seem to be on my back about it which I like already. The students in my class were there for the cna but I already am one, but they told me thats why the classes were delayed becaust they were finishing up their cna stuff and they had the same instructor, but they really like the school and have told me that they've had great experiences so far. So all in all I am totally looking forward to it, right now I'm glad I listened to the nurse I know and chose this school
  14. I am moving very soon to the area and I was pursuing my LPN program elsewhere, but now that I have been looking at other LPN Programs in Virginia Ive realized that the price differences are crazy, where im frm (illinois) the average lpn progra is anywhere from 20k-32k, and in virginia i have found some for as low as 9k thats crazy, but as far as quality i would hope they are just as great. I talked to an admissions person from Career training slutions and it sounded promising, but i didnt find it in the current nclex pass rates, and it is ot accredited? I was also interested in Standard Healthcare Inc because of their 100% pass rate, but I saw mixed reviews, i kno cts offers finacial aid, so did it help alotwith tuition? and Would anyone reccomend either from the two? Thanksss
  15. Does anyone have any info on these or any lpn schools in that area?
  16. CS21

    Choosing Good LPN School in/near Chicago?

    Ohhh i see, yeah 6000 isnt bad considering i didnt go the full 4 years! well you should call up northwestern institute and j renee and ask if they know how their progresss is going with getting financial aid, I know both admissions ladys told me they were waiting to hear from the government about it and they both said they were hoping to hear something within the next weeks/month(s). I was thinking of contacting northwestern institiute again and asking if I could possibly get a tour because when I went in to speak to someone I was literally out in 15 mins, the lady really rushed me through, welll, maybe then I can ask them how their financial aid progress is going! I mean I would love to go sumwhere with help also, So at leaset j renee is trying and so is Northwestern, I mean at j renee the lady told me they had already recieved their school code but it was not activated because they were only waiting on the final approval so i think thats a good thing? And with northwestern the lady did tell me they were hoping by this summer for sure to have financial aid.