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  1. zephyr9

    Accepted an offer- then got called for dream position

    Thank you! Much food for thought. I received an offer from the desired job and rescinded my acceptance of the first job. It is with concern that I read this. I hope I have not made myself ineligible for rehire.
  2. Thanks guys. Grumpy, I read they should start putting out vaccines by mid Dec. You're right Davey, I am gonna try it. At this point in life, ya gotta take the shots when you get a chance. JKL: and if they give me the boot, I will take my toys an...
  3. So, to cut to the chase. I was offered a position in a specialty that I have no experience in--without an interview! It is on a cardiac floor...and I have worked in psych for the past few years. The most medical experience I have was five years ag...
  4. zephyr9

    COVID-19 and lung disease

    Could some critical care or pulmonology folks weigh in on this? I have asthma and COPD. There have been some employees at my job who tested positive, but I was not exposed to them directly. I take all precautions.
  5. Thanks Viva I can't imagine HR wanting to approve my disability. How do you approach it? I am trying so hard to hang on, hoping my medication starts to work, to avoid going inpatient. So great that you received support at your job, ertoclinics. ...
  6. The manager doesnt find out any information? I don't understand the process, and not sure who to ask. Isn't the employer the one who has to approve the disability? Ironic, working in mental health...and that the stigma here is so strong.
  7. My depression has become so severe it's affecting me at work. Cognitively, I am shot. I need inpatient and to use my disability benefits for time off. I am scared. I work in psych and my hospital is the only psych inpatient, full coverage, in my ...
  8. zephyr9

    What do you think are some of the best places to work in psych?

    Extended acute. I work in a 24 bed extended acute psych unit, extended meaning the patients stay for months, sometimes even years. Often times their illness is such that they're never going to get any better than a certain point, they are 99% peopl...
  9. zephyr9

    will it get any better?

    I work in a UHS facility in a big city. We are chronically understaffed for MHTs and occasionally RNs. I frequently imagine what it could be like if we were adequately resourced. I understand what you are going through. I am running continually ...
  10. Yeah, good advice. Looks like it might be allright. Turns out it wasn't the internship they got a hit on, it was when I was a student nurse at the hospital in 2011. Turns out the other facility I did the internship at wasn't yet in their network, s...
  11. I could use some advice! I accepted an offer from a great system last week. This job took a long time to get. I first applied two years ago, finally got a call in Jan, interviewed twice and waited a month for the offer. I have positive references f...
  12. zephyr9

    Mental Health App

    That is a great idea. As a patient myself, I am always interested in the results of the depression and anxiety questionnaires I fill out every few months when it's time for my therapist to update my care plan. It doesn't tell me much more than how ...
  13. zephyr9

    Why did she do this to me?

    What a great story. I love it that you were able to be part of their lives like that over time and help them like that. Thanks so much for sharing it.
  14. I found some great resources in other research nursing threads but still would love to hear more!
  15. zephyr9

    Philly area jobs

    I went through the same thing in the beginning. I graduated in 2015 May, and while I got offers for attractive hospital positions in other areas, it took me 9 months to land a job here in Philadelphia. It was in a SNF for Holy Redeemer Health Syste...