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I'm the mother of two crazy, fun boys. I am a new nurse and am passionate about eliminating bullying and lateral violence in the workplace. I am excited to get my career started and look forward to continuing my education and hope to teach aspiring nurses some day.

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  1. Long Beach Memorial New Grad program

    I went to nursing school with the goal of becoming an L&D nurse, so when the opportunity presented itself I took it! if you are interested in OB it might be a good fit. If you you're just not liking Med Surg, it might not be. We are very fast pac...
  2. Long Beach Memorial New Grad program

    I loved it!! I hired into the adult float unit which is where most new grads get hired. It is supportive and a great learning environment. The preceptors on the various floors were great and I really enjoyed my orientation. I only stayed in the float...
  3. I am excited to be starting the new grad program and LBMMC on Monday! Has anyone been through the program? Is there any advice?
  4. Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA

    Is this for a new application or an endorsement from another state?
  5. National University BSN April 2014 Cohort

    Hi, I am graduating from National in LA this month. The prompts change every time. Mine was something along the lines of besides caring why do you want to be a nurse. What they really care about is 1) your ability to write (grammar, sentences, flo...
  6. Help with nursing dx re: surgery pt

    It was axillary - so near the arm pit. Her airway wasn't compromised during surgery. And I can't think of any evidence for that either. I think I could do anxiety - but I just did that on a previous assignment and she hates seeing the same thing ...
  7. Ok - so I have to do two nursing diagnosis for the two surgeries that I observed. Here is the catch, only one can be a "risk". I had a patient go for a partial nephrectomy and the other patient had a lymph node excision and lumpectomy. I can think...
  8. National University SD cohort 40?

  9. National University SD cohort 40?

  10. Hi! I'm in cohort 10. We started in November 2013. I don't remember my exact GPA but it was roughly 3.5. I got an 87.4 on the TEAS and never asked about my essay score. Our professor was saying they are looking at essays now so you should hopefully h...
  11. I had a frustrating experience with WGU as well. I applied for the OC Cohort last year, was not accepted. Then applied for LA, was not accepted, then applied for Pasadena -- again not accepted. I had a 3.5 GPA, previous degree, but no healthcare e...
  12. National University Cohort 36 Essay Topic

    I asked someone the same question...don't quote me because I am not sure it is always the same, but white, non slip, fluid resistant shoes!

    You can search West Coast University in the search tab and find good info. Not sure what you want to know, though. Have you talked to them yet? It is a for-profit, private university. If you have no pre-reqs to transfer over, it will cost you in...
  14. RN Schools by Los Angeles CA

    Depends on what you are looking for. Do you want anADN program or bsN? Private or public? As far as an ADN program: Santa Ana college, golden west college, rio Hondo, long beach. Mt Sac (possibly others?) For BSN: cal state Fullerton, Concordia (irv...
  15. I would think working full time would be near impossible unless you are able to work a night shift somewhere. If you do real estate, with your own hours, perhaps it's possible. With National (I'm starting in nov) it would be hard because you never k...