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  1. Advice from med/surg nurses please....

    yes, you can do it. But here's what other nurses I know have done to ease their way into Med-Surg... Ask the nurse-manager of your unit and clear it also with the nurse-manager of the med-surg unit - see if you can spend a day or two observing (se...
  2. nurse-patient ratio

    We have Rn and LPN and CNA with a maximum of 10 pt on days, RN and CNA team on eves with a max of 7 pts, and a max on nights of 9 to 11 with RN-LPN-CNA. We have an acuity system and we use it when we are requesting more staff to care for increased a...
  3. Discontinuing Enteral Feeding Tubes

    We remove nasally-inserted enteral feeding tubes here. No policy - don't need one. Just tell the pt what you're going to do and pull it out. Pretty simple. No one here has a problem with it. ------------------
  4. RN's removing surgical drains

    conniejean: We remove hemovacs, j-ps, davols, piccs, midlines, subclavians, g-tubes, j-tubes, hemovacs, epidurals, staples, retention sutures. Premedication is a nice thing to do when removing a surgical site drain. No policies are necessary - just...
  5. RNs pulling postop wound drains

    KFP: The nurses at my facility remove not only hemovacs, jackson pratts, davols, J- and G-tubes, but Epidurals as well as subclavians, picc lines, midlines. We also pull out chest tubes while the MD ties off the suture at the chest tube site. No p...
  6. Does anyone out there have a problem with patients who seem to not quite be stable enough to come out of PACU/RR ? My experience has been recently we have pts who have a warmer on them in Recovery Room and they may get reversal agents but when we ge...
  7. "ten comandments"

    Hello! Before calling a physician, especially when it is a MD who doesn't know the patient at all because he's/she's on call or at night, be sure to know: 1. Patient full name and admitting diagnosis 2. Current vitals, I & O for the past 24 hr...
  8. Help Please

    Yes, MES, there is an unpleasant aspect to nursing and it seems you've found the one that bothers you. When you encounter this, remember to take a deep breath, don't lock your knees, and say to yourself - "Sometimes you have to enter the patient's ...
  9. New Nursing student

    Welcome AngelRN: Don't be discouraged, you've come this far and there's a great big support group here for you. We have each other and if you're ever having a bad day - just come home and write on the computer to us. We're here for you. Nurses ar...