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  1. Drawing up insulin question?

    ....injecting air first at cloudy then to clear....N to R...but when drawing up insulin....(you inject air to clear lastly,right?) widraw the clear one then back to cloudy.....R to N....maybe u mean.....NR to RN...:)
  2. NCSBN Review

    For me...I enrolled in their 3-week program a few weeks before my exam....when you enroll in their program...pls. make it a habit to make a calendar how to schedule their topics and practice exams. Couple your review by reading the saunders...cover t...
  3. All NCLEX takers: please stop stressing (too much)

    very well said....and this explains everything!!!!!!!!!!!!:rckn:
  4. BVNPT takes forever . .

    i took earlier than you...sept.6.....but still no official result...i'm just being positive coz of the pop-up....Have Faith.....:nmbrn:
  5. NCLEX Tomorrow

    exam anxiety is all in the mind....have Faith in yourself...if u give all your best in studying why you worry? Entrust everything to GOD and tomorrow i tell you its a smooth sailing exam of your life! Goodluck!
  6. Frustrated Failure NCLEX RN

    Maybe u r thinking,"It's very disappointing to know that I failed....yet for myself...i have given so much already." But...did you ever think that putting a lot of pressure to yourself sometimes would end up a failure? It's doesn't matter if u are a ...
  7. Pearson Vue Trick Works!!!

    Thank you ladside for bringing me peace of mind....Now i can eat and sleep well....Godbless us always....
  8. Pearson Vue Trick Works!!!

    guys...can u help me with my situation? I'm a nurse in the Philippines and i applied for my eligibility to take Nclex last October 2010....i knew this would take a year to expire,right? Because my mom got sick and scheduled to take the test within th...
  9. Kaplan review book and disk

    read and understand fully every page of it including the for me i read it thrice...last was the last 2 can really help...goodluck....u can make it!:nmbrn:
  10. PVT Trick says that I "previously passed" this right?

    yesss...they did a maintenance work before this new pop-up's great to know that word "passed" can relieve:hpygrp: to all!
  11. Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    "the candidate has previously passed this exam. a new appointment cannot be scheduled"-this is the new good pop-up statement...good luck!
  12. PVT Trick says that I "previously passed" this right?

    me too got the same pop up...God is so good....Congrats guys!!:nmbrn::smiley_aa
  13. Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    does anyone here tried the PVT trick for weeks after they took the exam and still they had good pop up sign? sorry for this stupid question.....i 'm so sick and tired of waiting since my BON does not participate in quick result....I have to wait 2 to...
  14. Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Hi silverdragon...i took the Nclex-rn in the Philippines....waiting for my result is such a "nerve-wrecking idea" since i can't have the trick coz i was register by phone by my agency....pearson ask for my username when i try to visit to check my res...
  15. Few SATAs but passed????

    Does anyone here got less than 10 SATAs but able to do it? I'm from Philippines and I took last 5 SATAs only but a lot of prioritization 8 pharma questions also...I can't use the Pearson vue's an ordeal to ...
  16. NCLEX takers in the Philippines, unite!

    Hi...I'm from philippines too and i'm taking this 6th of september.....I saw in ur post u already avail a lot of review's good but sometimes it's confusing when everything are infront of is important is to know ur content...
  17. Review of NCLEX-RN Prep books

    Thank you guys.....Congratulations again....
  18. Review of NCLEX-RN Prep books

    Wow! i think this is the kind of post i have been waiting for to tell myself I should be confident'm in the Philippines and graduated 15 years ago but the differences from you was that I'm working as a nurse here but have been a...
  19. Hi Mon2x_RN....The item goes this way...ISOLATE HIGH-RISK CHILDREN, SUCH AS CHILDREN WHO HAVE IMMUNOSUPPRESSIVE DISORDERS,FROM A CHILD WITH A COMMUNICABLE DISEASE. When are you taking nclex? I'm taking it on Sept.5...wish me luck....:)
  20. NCBSN questions are HARD

    juh lee suh:..i'm taking nclex-rn.....i can't afford Kaplan and im on self review... Rach10388: Thanks for the advice...i use saunders 5th and La charity choice I have to finish it (NCSBN) before my big day....i'm getting 60,65....with the...
  21. NCBSN questions are HARD

    me too...i am registered to their 3-week course...and it was tough...i never got atleast 70% so far.....when r u taking,juh lee suh?Mine is sept.5.....
  22. Faith from NCSBN.....

    Thanks a lot caliotter3 for the advice...i have saunders 5th already, which i finished few months ago....I'm doing a lot of questions which was the advice of mostly who had passed...wish me luck...i'm taking it 5th of september...
  23. Faith from NCSBN.....

    Has anyone used the NCSBN 3-week review and concluded that it help them passed the boards???? Of course before doing this you should know your content. I still have 1 more month to prepare and I can't afford enrolling with Kaplan...only those free QT...
  24. Hi too is a graduate of class 1996....scheduled last week of august for NCLEX....but i took cgfns last 2006 and got good score....yet i'm confident i still retain some....not all but enough infos for the nclex....i'm done with saunders....
  25. I hate SATA questions!

    It's just a small book with blue cover and it's all alternative types of question format...only 500 questions...