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  1. Orthopedics Center for Excellence

    Check out Plaza Medical Center in Fort Worth TX. We have recently received the JCAHO certification for joint centers!
  2. Applied for job - how long to wait?

    What I would do is call the hospital and ask to speak to a nurse recruiter. They are usually seperate from general applicants. Hopefully you will speak with a person who is looking for just nurses...good luck!
  3. Online Science Courses

    EduKan in a consortitum of schools that are fully accredited in Kansas.
  4. Are there nurses here who have worked for Kindred Hospitals?

    Hi, I work PRN for Kindred in Arlington TX, and I have nothing but good things to report. I have been there only 3 weeks, but just from the thorough orientation I recieved, I feel so comfortable with my daily nursing duties. I read a post that sa...
  5. Passed with 95 questions!!!

    What I do know 4 sure is that the # of questions means NOTHING.....U will PASS
  6. New Male Student

    Kudos on making the choice of nursing. Male nurses ROCK. Where in NC are u? I lived in a small town outside of Charlotte all my life. It would be cool to "know" someone there. I left Charlotte 5 years ago and I'm in Dallas now.
  7. NCLEX for the 3rd time Thursday

    I wish u the best. I just passed today with 95 questions and on my second time ...........God speed....:)
  8. Passed with 95 questions!!!

    To all readers of I would like to say that today I PASSED MY NCLEX-RN. This is the second time that I have attempted this examination. The first time I had 265 questions. I recieved a report from the National Council and I was "a...
  9. Kaplan Flip-O-Matic Flashcards

    I am currently reviewing for the NCLEX RN exam on the BON website. Do you get alot of the review questions right. I feel like a bone head, because I am anwering 110 out of 150 right. Is that normal?
  10. study on erythromycin

    Yeah, Read it about a week ago in the Dallas Morning News. As one thread said , not a lot of detail, but alarming! It is/was a drug that tx everything! :uhoh21:
  11. anyone who didnt pass with 85 questions

    MOST EXCELLENT.....Best of luck in your career
  12. Hi guys, I passed my NCLEX PN on 7-29-04, I checked the website and my licence was issued on 8-05-04. How long does it take to recieve your permanent licence in the mail? Any help would be appreciated.
  13. anyone who didnt pass with 85 questions

    Shellee075, I took my test on July 27, got results on July 29 - passed. I answered 85 questions and the test stopped. I too felt that I did horrible on the test. Are you able to remember any of the questions on the test. Do you feel the ones yo...
  14. Nurse Compact Question

    I currently hold a license from New Mexico, as it is home to me. I have been thinking about buying a home in Dallas as well. New Mexico and Texas as both compact states, should I have any problem working in Texas?
  15. Do ANY hospitals in Dallas still hire LVNs?

    I know that Medical Center of Arlington hires LVN's as well as Healthsouth Rehab Hospitals and at some MD offices of Baylor.