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  1. Halfway done w/ CRNA school, ask me anything

    Hi, starting school in July, thanks for posting this! I was wondering if there is anything you wish you had studied before you started your program? Any professional organizations I should consider joining that are anesthesia related? ...
  2. Mayo Clinic MN work environment?

    To the person doing cvicu feel free to pm me, I oriented there
  3. Mayo Clinic MN work environment?

    no the Foley teams cover the entire hospital no one on the unit does them
  4. Mayo Clinic MN work environment?

    Congratulations on your offer! I have to say, I have been at Mayo for a few months and I really like it! Is there such a thing as over resourced? We ate VERY well staffed. I have not got out late ever so far. On my unit it is few and far between to p...
  5. Who here has participated in the VALOR Program?

    I did the VALOR program after my first year of nursing school. To answer your question, yes, there is a ton of paperwork. I do feel like the experience is more than worth it. In the competitive environment that new grad nurses are coming into, the n...
  6. Interviewed at Rush ICU

    Hey, I'm an experienced RN looming into Rush, can you tell me how much experience you had when applying?
  7. Experienced ICU RN looking for job

    I am really not picky about which hospital, although I think Rush would be great. I'm just concerned about there being a glut of qualified experienced rns for icu jobs
  8. Experienced ICU RN looking for job

    I am looking to stat in icu in a decent hospital, preferably one that does trauma. That's more my concern. Anyone with insight into that?
  9. Hello, I am looking to relocate to Chicago and was wondering if it would be difficult for me to find a job. When I start applying, I will have two and a half years' experience working in a mixed ICU with 19 beds, but it is not a trauma center. Howeve...
  10. ICU Interview Questions

    I interviewed as a new grad coming into ICU, but had experience at that particular hospital as a nurse intern and was asked the same questions as the experienced RNs. They asked me a handful of scenario-based questions. They want to know if you can c...
  11. I'm of mixed heritage, and not like Heinz 57 mixed, I mean rainbow coalition mixed. I grew up with Turks, African-Americans, and Asians. I'm from Chicago, so I spent time with everyone from everywhere you can think of. Every time I read one of those ...
  12. Tx for seizures with anoxic brain injury

    AwesomeManRN, you are definitely right about the MRI; to be frank, we were all well aware that the code had caused the seizures. hte MRI was for the family, they still wanted everything done for the patient. I was questioning the MRI because if EEG a...
  13. Hello! So I am a recently graduated RN working in a MSICU, and I deal with pretty much everything under the sun, but I figured this would be more appropriate as a neuro ICU thread. I had a pt who was found unresponsive on the MS floor, coded, and wa...
  14. Post-VALOR VA RNs

    I don't know about any transferring as I went straight into the hospital that I worked in. I would assume so but then again with the VA you never know things slip through the cracks
  15. NCLEX 265 questions

    I will say that Kaplan worked really well for me, because the Qbank shows you how to answer questions the "NCLEX" way. It's expensive, but worth it. They also have a PDF that you can download. I used Saunders to review. Every practice test that I did...