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  1. CRNA Application Requirements

    I hate to tell you but you will not be competitive without re taking those courses. I just spoke with several program directors over the weekend who said the competition is so great right now that if they see a "c" on a transcript it goes straight t...
  2. Online/hybrid CRNA?

    Midwestern University out of Glendale AZ offers the first 9 months completely online, then 12 months in AZ and 15 months clinical. (there are sites in cali for clinical)
  3. Aspiring SRNA in Florida but worried about the GRE?? (Barry, UM)

    Don't take the GRE without a prep course if you want to be competitive. I'm currently in one and can say that without it I would be bottom scoring. Its truly relearning everything from high school and then some. There are also strategies that you ...
  4. SCVMC / VMC - Clinical Nurse I - 2022

    To clarify, the extra help positions DO NOT get benefits, not even PTO or sick time. I was offered a job in the critical care unit a couple months ago and turned it down for this reason, in addition to no guaranteed hours. meaning extra help is the...
  5. SCVMC / VMC - Clinical Nurse I - 2022

    Is the class or orientation virtual? Which unit will you be on?
  6. SCVMC / VMC - Clinical Nurse I - 2022

    I was also offered a position, training starts Sept 6th. the Extra Help does not have benefits nor acquire PTO or sick time. How is the training going? Is it structured? Have you heard good things from people who have gone through the program?
  7. UNE Chemistry pre-req

    Has anyone taken the online chem course at UNE? If so, how long did it take? I will be off for a month coming up, do you think this is adequate time to bang out this class?
  8. SCVMC / VMC - Clinical Nurse I - 2022

  9. SCVMC / VMC - Clinical Nurse I - 2022

    Oh, I think each unit starts at a different time.
  10. SCVMC / VMC - Clinical Nurse I - 2022

    oh, so you didn't do the training program? Thats what I applied to and that starts in Sept.
  11. SCVMC / VMC - Clinical Nurse I - 2022

    of September?
  12. SCVMC / VMC - Clinical Nurse I - 2022

    congrats! are you going to take it? is it the "Extra help" position? still waiting, they did say 2 weeks though... did they say what date the training program starts?
  13. SCVMC / VMC - Clinical Nurse I - 2022

    so... did you hear anything?
  14. SCVMC / VMC - Clinical Nurse I - 2022

    I think this round of interviews was for the Clinical nurse 1 position that closed back in May.
  15. SCVMC / VMC - Clinical Nurse I - 2022

    First 2 weeks is didactic, then to the floor for 2 weeks then back in classroom for 2 and I think it rotates like that for 12-16 weeks. They said once training is done they "try to schedule you for 40 hours per week" they only do 8 hour shifts. 7-3...