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  1. NOT an ICU nurse but assigned by SUP

    I remember getting to work and realizing it was my turn to float to another floor. Well, the floor they were trying to float me to was the STICU!!! I had zero ICU experience. My fellow nurses were split. I had many who supported my outrage, but just ...
  2. Late to clinical

    It'll be okay. We're only human. Just to make you feel better, I remember cooking dinner for my family one evening, cleaning up and then sitting on the couch. At 7:30pm, my phone rings and I see it's the hospital where I worked at the time. "You're o...
  3. Worsening Health, Considering Resignation

    I'm actually a nurse in Student Health. I always say I'm a "school nurse for big kids." Working as a nurse to college students is never dull, and the normal schedule is also a lifesaver.
  4. Worsening Health, Considering Resignation

    Wow. That sounds like a lot to deal with, and I'm so sorry. My health improved dramatically when I left the bedside for a college health position. My migraines were through the roof, I wasn't sleeping between night shifts, and my blood pressure was s...
  5. I'm lost. I want to quit nursing.

    Just chiming in to say that I left a very busy floor position to take a nursing job at a university. Now, Mon through Fri has its own challenges. No more days off mid-week, and I use every weekend to cart my kids around to soccer and volleyball games...
  6. Is the online bls at American Heart Association hard to pass?

    It wasn't hard to pass in terms of knowledge. I did find the scenarios to be difficult technologically to move through. For instance, performing chest compressions at an adequate speed using your mouse??? Awkward. There were a few other computer issu...
  7. Going to take that leap

    May I humbly suggest looking into college/university health centers as well? Different population, different needs, but fun! I left bedside for many reasons, including a sky high blood pressure, and I stumbled upon my current job. It has been a godse...
  8. I work in college health. Some larger colleges/universities may have weekend/evening hours, but I do not. It's a great gig, great benefits, tuition assistance for myself and my kids after a few years. I work Monday through Friday, 9:30 - 5pm. We are ...
  9. Feeling burnt out

    Late to this conversation, but I just wanted to pop in to scream AMEN!!!!
  10. Ugh, I HATE Conjunctivitis

    My right eye started itching after reading this post!
  11. SO BAD at drawing blood, starting IV's??

    You'll get it, I promise! You may never turn out to be a vein whisperer, but you WILL successfully achieve IV insertion and blood draws. I'll never forget how mortified I was when I messed up an IV on a young man who literally had highways for veins....
  12. Would love some advice!

    It was worth it to me. I get the same base rate as I got at the hospital (day shift, that is), but my position here is part-time, so decent pay cut here. And yes, I might get a marginal raise at some point, but not anything you'd see in a good hospit...
  13. What's Your Sign Baby?

    After doing bedside report, one of my patients stated, with a slightly lascivious grin, that he was thrilled I was to be his nurse that day. As soon as he said that, his roommate peeled back the partly closed curtain, popped his head out, and asked "...
  14. Saltines - thinking beyond the office

    "Saltines contain...little molecules of life." I have never had the pleasure of knowing Barb G. until today!
  15. Roll Call 2016-2017

    I'm back at it! I'm mostly a lurker, but have posted a few times. I absolutely LOVE hearing other nurses' experiences with the kiddos, even though my kiddos are mostly older and should (mostly) know better. (I work in the college health setting.) I'v...
  16. Overwhelmed.

    Just to add, though, maybe you won't get written up? Was the call from your manager punitive in nature?
  17. Overwhelmed.

    Not looking to foment your feelings of irritation, but i feel like your manager should have had your back a little more. Sounds like there was a miscommunication and you're taking the fall for it? She could have tried to smooth the ruffled feathers, ...
  18. Let's have some fun!

    You're the Lasix to my fluid overload; the crash cart for my code.
  19. Irrational patients

    Older patient plus infection plus nighttime can turn even the sweetest of old people into...something else altogether!
  20. Accepted a job- having doubts!

    My gut says to keep the position. You'll be in a better position to get an ICU or L&D position with some basic med-surg history. And ortho has a lot of med-surg to it. But I know, it's tough. That's awesome that you already have an offer!
  21. Please help, super conflicted!

    ED. The ICU commute would suck. The straight shot on the highway, post night-shift, might put you to sleep! Good luck with your decision!
  22. Why would you give this up??

    I took a pay cut to take my current college health position. BUT I AM SO MUCH HAPPIER. Sorry for shouting, but truly how much happier I am makes shouting necessary. I left an acute care bedside position for this one. I worked night shift, and am in m...
  23. What is your Nursing Kryptonite?

    "Roaring river of analscrotum" would make an awesome band name. Just sayin'.
  24. What is your Nursing Kryptonite?

    Ugh, mouth care. It's so important, but it's SO gross. I don't mind changing an ostomy appliance, but I do mind suctioning. The canister on the wall that contains all the sputum? My worst nightmare. Seeing all that yellow stuff move up the suction ...
  25. It's time to vent!!!

    She has a valid vent here. Antibiotic overuse is a thing. And providers can address that problem by not acquiescing every time someone demands z-pak for what are probably viral symptoms.