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  1. Hi, I was wondering if there are other areas in nurisng I can get into other than bedside care. I am currently working in a Med/Surge unit and am not clicking with it. I have worked in a home health for 5 years while being in nursing school and would...
  2. Background Check Concern

    Hi All! I just got hired as a New Grad RN and I filled out the Background Chexk Authorization today. I don't have any concerns regarding my background it's pretty much clean-my concern is will they contact my present employer. In addition to me appl...
  3. Upcoming New Grad Applications?

    I heard about Long Beach Memorial and their affiliated hospitals from a friend of mine that works there, but also on the Facebook group page New Grad RNs. I'm interested in Little Company of Mary in Torrance. I heard from the nurse recruiter in charg...
  4. Upcoming New Grad Applications?

    Just wanted to know if there are any upcoming New Grad Applications for the Fall. I know Long Beach Memoria and the Memorial Care affiliated hospitals are going to be posting their applications June 27th. Anything else?
  5. St. Vincent Hospital New Grad Program

    I have an interview with them Thursday. My nursing school did have Med/Surg placement there, but I was never placed in St. Vincent. From what I heard from my friends, it was a nice hospital very friendly environment and a good teaching hospital. Does...
  6. UCLA New Grad RN SUMMER 2011

    I know I should still have hope--but I'm now just waiting for that rejection email. It's frustrating that they already know who they want yet still have those who they know they don't want to give an offer to go through this agony
  7. UCLA New Grad RN SUMMER 2011

    Liver ICU...
  8. UCLA New Grad RN SUMMER 2011

    So I heard that the UD is going to be making her decisions starting today to Friday. We're suppose to hear anytime this week, but I know it won't be today because I read on some posts that she's interviewing tomorrow. So let's just keep our fingers c...
  9. UCLA New Grad RN SUMMER 2011

    o wow! so for sure May 16th she'll let us know her decision? But she's interviewing ppl on May 17th too.
  10. UCLA New Grad RN SUMMER 2011

    I know she came back from vacation today. I emailed her Monday, so hopefully I get some kind of response this week, but I've been reading on the thread that she's interviewing a few more new grads so maybe we all won't hear from her until next week? ...
  11. UCLA New Grad RN SUMMER 2011

    does this mean that they couldn't find ppl in the first batch? I guess I'm out of the running but Goodluck to those interviewing!
  12. UCLA New Grad RN SUMMER 2011

    I couldn't take it anymore and emailed the Liver ICU UD. She's out of the office from May 2-10th and will be back May 11th. I spoke with the nurse recruiter and she said no decisions have been made yet. So keep our fingers crossed for those waiting :...
  13. Placentia-Linda Hospital Versant RN-ends 04/16

    wow!! okay...fingers crossed everyone :)
  14. Kaiser New Grad Program

    does anyone know if kaiser has a new grad program for the summer?
  15. New Grad Valley Pres. CA

    I heard Valley Pres was only hiring internally? Is that true?