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  1. RN Case Manager At UnitedHealth

    Hello Thank you so much for the information. I am so nervous because this is my dream position and I don't do well in interviews. My interview is on site and I heard they do a mock phone call as well. Do you remember any of the questions? I have...
  2. RN Case Manager At UnitedHealth

    I have a interview at UnitedHealth for a case manager position. I need help from anyone that has information on the interview process. Please be detailed, what questions do they ask and what is the phone scenario like. Thanks in advance
  3. JPS interview

    I got the job!!!!!
  4. JPS interview

    Thank you for the information. Have you had a phone interview with JPS?
  5. JPS interview

    Its a phone interview with the nurse manager.
  6. JPS interview

    Who has applied or works at JPS? I have a interview and need some advice on how to get my dream job in women services. Any interview tips will be appreciated.
  7. scott & white

    I sent you a PM.
  8. scott & white

    princess- what position did you apply for?
  9. New Grad LVN moving to Dallas..any psych?

    Do you know the starting pay for a graduate nurse at Timberlawn?
  10. Seton Application on hold??

    I read it on the website If you go under application tips it says...... ON HOLD: A candidate has been selected and an offer has been extended
  11. Seton Application on hold??

    On hold means they have selected someone for the position.
  12. DFW GN/RN June 2011 Internships

  13. Critical Care Trauma Nurse Parkland

  14. Anyone Interviewing for Methodist OR Internship - June 2011?

    Thank you for your response..
  15. Anyone Interviewing for Methodist OR Internship - June 2011?

    Which Methodist hospital...Dallas or Houston?