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I have a interview at UnitedHealth for a case manager position. I need help from anyone that has information on the interview process. Please be detailed, what questions do they ask and what is the phone scenario like. Thanks in advance 

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I work for United Healthcare as a case manager. You will love it so much!!  It can be challenging as any job, but overall I love my job so much, more than any other job I've had.  My manager is wonderful!! There are so many great people we work with and fun activities we do to break up the day-to-day and keep in touch.  So I was hired 4 years ago and back then we had to do a video interview first.  I was very nervous about it.  Once I got into the website to get ready for the questions, I could see that they give you several practice attempts to listen to the question and record your answer.  When you feel comfortable then you can start the real questions and recording what will be submitted.  They were not the same exact questions, but similar sort of typical interview questions. What helped me most in preparing for this is to go ahead and write out your answers to typical nursing interview questions. Maybe type them out, read them aloud, and get comfortable with the answers you are going to give if they ask that. Once I did that and had several practice rounds (and I took several practice rounds! 😛), I kept my notes in front of me on the table, listened to the question, it gives you maybe a minute or two (?) to think about how you want to answer and then you record when it starts.  Reviewing my notes in that timed amount was enough time to decide how I was going to answer the question. You press stop to go to the next question. There were maybe 5 questions, maybe?  Once I got through that interview, I was contacted by a manager and it was super casual.  She was very easy to talk to and we discussed my experience and a couple of situational scenarios that were very easy to answer. I think they were mainly related to being at a member's home. We aren't doing home visits right now so I'm not sure what they will ask. The interview was not difficult. Just be yourself and think about the experience you have that will help with case management (managing deadlines, working independently and within a team, managing clients and family members, reaching out to teammates and/or your manager for clarification, questions, and assistance, etc etc).  Getting your foot in the door to get an interview is half the battle so you're halfway there! Good luck to you!!


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Thank you so much for the information. I am so nervous because this is my dream position and I don't do well in interviews. My interview is on site and I heard they do a mock phone call as well. Do you remember any of the questions? I have searched the internet for practice questions and answers. If you have any other info please let me know. Thank you

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I'm so sorry, I'm just seeing this. None of us that interviewed around that time period (4 years ago) never had a mock phone call. All of my interviewing was over the telephone, except for that initial interview with the questions and timed video recorded response session.  I do not remember any of the questions, but if you just review typical nurse interview questions and write your answers down and know how you are going to answer certain types of questions, you should be fine.  Whatever answers you prepare ahead of time, you will be able to use parts and pieces of them even if they aren't exactly the same.  I'm out of the Sugarland (Houston) office. I work from home 100% though. We very rarely go into the office.  Have you interviewed yet?