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  1. JDNurse2Be

    UCLA New Grad RN SUMMER 2011

    Tubman - can I ask how your new position is going? Also, do you mind sharing your "resume" of sort - any unique nursing background, letters of recommendation, etc. that helped you be a strong candidate? Would love any suggestions you have. I'm graduating next year and want to prepare now....just starting an accelerated BSN program graduating at the end of Dec. 2012. Thanks in advance! Hope you have some time to respond, you must be busy working!!! Good for you!
  2. JDNurse2Be

    OHSU vs. Linfield accelerated BSN- thoughts?

    I'm in the Fall cohort Sarabear...You're right about being flexible and my teenagers are going to have to learn that too. Everything you shared makes me think it should all work out great. I was offered a spot at PCC Sylvannia and have been used to the easy commute there so I needed to get handle on my everyday commute/lifestyle going up to OHSU. I'm going to officially decline PCC this week and send in my deposit for OHSU. Thanks for all the great info. I appreciate it :)
  3. JDNurse2Be

    PCC Wait List

    I'm most likely going to give up my seat at PCC too...and I have some mixed feelings I've decided to accept a seat in the OHSU Fall Cohort for their accelerated BSN...the first ever, they decided to have a smaller second cohort begin in September. Although I'm excited about finishing my BSN much sooner - I really have enjoyed going to PCC Sylvannia for all my prerequisites and will miss it....I love the library, the short commute, the professors....and the cost of the program. I wonder .... is it better to go at a slower pace over 3 years or finish in 1 year and 4 mos? With this job market? With the additional debt I will carry? It's not an easy choice to let my PCC seat go to someone else....I will be notifying them by the end of the week. BUT..knowing one of you might get it and will be thrilled makes it a bit easier :)
  4. JDNurse2Be

    OHSU vs. Linfield accelerated BSN- thoughts?

    Hey Sarabear44 Thanks so much for all your great information...So I think I've come up with a great plan! I'm doing to drive to close park & ride at neighborhood church which is really close to a bus stop...take a 12-15 min bus to The Center for Health & Healing on Macadam, then work out for 45 min...and take the Tram up to campus for class on the days we are "on campus". I was thinking about biking but Hwy 43 isn't really safe...so I think this will be a really great way to exercise in the morning with a bit of walking & working out and then also having a shorter "bus commute" and ending up right back close to where I live in the afternoons. What time did classes usually end? I'm guessing 4 pm at the latest. Any tips on the aerial tram? I'm guessing there must be a "morning wait" during the early hours. I'd like to end up at the SON 20-30 minutes before class begins so I can prepare, get settled, etc. Have you been to March Wellness? I need to go check it all out and figure out "the walk" from the tram to the School of Nursing...which is the best path, etc. Any thoughts on that? Thank you so much!! So the ADP building parking is spendy huh? Did you ever park there? I guess Trimet does do a stop close to that location as well...arriving early, at 7:15 ish. Once rush hour starts its a bit more challenging. What times did your days start when you were at the ADP buildling? Our orientation isn't until a couple weeks before classes. Thanks for enlightening us all to the ins and outs of the program. You're the best!!
  5. JDNurse2Be

    It's hard for me now!!!!

    Hi David, I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom's stroke. Rest assured you will not regret staying close to help her through this trying time! I too took a year delay to apply to nursing school as my Dad was stricken with Small Cell Lung Cancer. I will never regret the time I spent helping my Mom and Dad through the roughest time of their life. In addition, I think by being there you will be a stronger and more compassionate nurse when you are able to continue on with your education. Plus although it will be challenging, you will learn alot in the process of helping Mom through the process of recovery and therapy. Be strong and know you are making the right decision. Sending my thoughts and prayers your way. Julie
  6. JDNurse2Be

    OHSU vs. Linfield accelerated BSN- thoughts?

    Hi Sarabear, I just found out I'm accepted into the new Fall cohort for the ABSN at OHSU. I'm curious about the best way to manage getting to campus. I've been searching Trimet and checking out Park & Ride locations. I was wondering if you have any suggestions on Trimet, the best campus bus stops on campus, any "smart strategies" to make sure the whole transportation issue goes smoothly. I have a few questions...Do the bus stops get crowded? Are the buses sometimes full and you have to wait for a later bus? I'm just wondering what the reality is... What is the smartest and most efficient way to get to the SON? Should I drive to the closest park & ride and go from there or the one closest to where I live that has the most direct path? Also, do you use a rolling backpack and/or do you have a locker that you use at school? Any suggestions on preparing and what to bring that first few weeks would be helpful. I know I need to get up to campus soon and see how it goes...I just wonder how busy it gets during the actual school year. ramble ramble :) I loved all the info you shared and I'm so excited to begin in the Fall. Thanks!!
  7. JDNurse2Be

    OHSU ABSN June 2011 Start

    I was told today by Admissions that there should be 32 in the OHSU ABSN Fall Cohort...sounds good to me. Nice & Small.
  8. JDNurse2Be

    OHSU ABSN June 2011 Start

    Hi Everyone! I'm so happy to be joining the Fall Cohort too!! Look forward to meeting you all Julie
  9. JDNurse2Be

    Applicants to Portland area schools 2011

    Very happy...as an alternate on the OHSU ABSN Summer list...they have now opened a Fall Cohort and offered me a spot!!! Has anyone else heard back from OHSU? Anyone else joining the OHSU ABSN Fall Cohort? Hard work does pay off! I am so happy :) :clpty:
  10. JDNurse2Be

    Applicants to Portland area schools 2011

    I'm so happy I was accepted into PCC!!! I have loved taking my prerequisities there and am thrilled that I will have an awesome 5 minute commute! Plus nearly every instructor I have ever had at PCC has been caring, compassionate, and excellent...and I hear the same about the nursing faculty. I am so grateful to have the opportunity and all of us who got accepted into any program are so blessed. And, any of you who did not make it into a program this year...keep perservering, get your CNA license and begin working, volunteer in a healthcare setting, study hard and retake classes if necessary.... it is very commom for it to take multiple years to get into nursing school. PERSERVERE and do what you need to do to be a stronger applicant next year. Don't give up. Believe in yourself. Happy :redpinkhe :redpinkhe