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  1. Does the NCLEX really know your weak spots before you take the test??????

    Thanks for all the reply's I just graduated on the 6th and I still have no relief I just want to take this test and get it over with .... I just can't seem to concentrate and study the area's in which I know I'am weak...Thanks again Crystal
  2. If this is the school you want to attend then this is not to far... I just recently graduated this Aug. The nursing program that I got into was 54 miles away so I know that this can be done... Plus there is down time for you to do alot of thinking an...
  3. What are my chances as an alternate?

    Just to let you know I'am a recent graduate of Aug 2004 LVN program and I and my best friend were both alternates. So try not to worry most alternates get in. I have been there so I know it's frustrating but just hang in there..
  4. I have heard that the assessment tests that are taken prior to graduation can pick up on your weak spots is this true? Has anyone experienced this please let me know... Thanks:idea:
  5. How much "practicing" do you do on each other in clinicals?

    I just finished the LVN program on the 27th. I thought we would be practicing on each other, just BP head to toe assessments and moving techniques... As far as anything else it'a dummies and oranges..
  6. Nclex-pn

    Hello my friend just took her boards last month along with 3 of her classmates. All of there tests shut off at 85 questions and they all passed.. Just thought you would like to know..