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  1. Nierdo

    Bedside burnout

    I've been a bedside nurse for over 5 years. 1 year endoscopy, 1 year med/surg/tele, 3.5 years acute rehab and just 3 months into iicu AND I HATE BEDSIDE NURSING! I feel like 3 months is too early to gain any meaningful nursing experience but I feel like a robot at work. I used to love connecting to my patients in rehab but now the critical care environment makes tasks the priority. I feel like I'm treating the disease and not the patient. Im dragging my feet to work everyday and feeling anxious and sad on my days off. I can do the work, I know it's hard, but I JUST DON'T CARE. I know I need to build my floor experience before completely stepping out of bedside. I'm going back to floor nursing on physical rehab but it's a step back for me. Any advice?
  2. Nierdo

    DEPRESSED New grad. What are we suppose to do?

    i feel the exact same way. its worse somedays and then some days i dont think about it at all and just have fun! I am a may '10 grad and about a year later i stumbled upon a new grad program... now i havent gotten any hours for MONTHS... i am a new grad again =( been searching and searching for ANYTHING new grad since i technically dont have even the 6 month experience requirement. loans came back full force... people asking if i even work giving advice i've heard for YEARS... its sad. i just sit on the computer most days looking for jobs. no hopes of moving bc i dont have money... somebody hire us!!
  3. Nierdo

    Registry RN position - New Grad Float pool

    I worked as new grad registry and i did get less pay then regular registries, no benefits, weird hours, and less orientation. you do get the "harder" patients but think of them as an experience. being a new grad everything is overwhelming but thats how you learn when you float. also think that you get to see how different floors run, manager styles, etc. this will help you figure out which area of nursing you like/dislike so when an opening comes up you'll know if you really want it or not. also the staff will eventually get used to you and know your a new grad... managers got used to me and could ease up my work load . lastly networking on the different floors will help you be a shoe in for that up and coming open position for your dream job.
  4. Nierdo

    Tattoos and nursing

    I never saw tattoos on nurses till i went to an SF hospital. WOW! sleeves, necks and arms? oh my! coolest thing i saw in nursing school.
  5. Nierdo

    Have you ever experienced a web interview??

    skype interviews are fun! not to mention you can have a "cheat sheet" just in case they ask you things you cant recall off the top of your head
  6. Nierdo

    how long was your interview?

    In the past i've been in interviews lasting an average of 20-30 min... even in consecutive, going-on-to-the-next-round gigs.... but lately ive gotten super quick like get-through-them-all interviews with 2-3 questions for 2-10 minutes!... and im on the 5th interview with a company how could you possibly analyze a person that quickly?... wouldn't an employer want to be more through? just my 2 cents
  7. Nierdo

    how did you get your job??

    i went to a job fair at a hospital for "employees only" even though I was not affiliated with them. Turns out i was late and most of the places were packed up and gone with about only 4 or so left cleaning up. I asked the receptionist if there were any jobs for new grads and she said oh i think there's one but maybe they left... this is for retiring or laid off employees only. Walked up to a table and woohoo! found myself talking to the president of the company who was thinking about opening new grad positions! i handed her my resume and she contacted me a few days later telling me to come to an information orientation... guess that was my interview bc i got hired a few weeks later =)
  8. 5 months after my boards. 11 months after graduating. im from CA
  9. Nierdo

    SF Bay Area New Grad Nurse

    South Bay isn't good either... or should i just say the whole bay area has too many new grad nurses bc there are just so many nursing schools here?! I have been looking persistently to stay in the bay but looking for jobs is really hard here
  10. Nierdo

    volunteering at a free clinic,,,,,1st step?

    i had the same situation. try to email/call/walk in to sister clinics or branches. you might have to drive a little further but maybe someone at those facilities can direct you to a personal email/contact. otherwise i say find other places to volunteer!
  11. Nierdo

    breaking contract

    Thanks for the insight. This is my first contract and since there was no mention of penalizing me for leaving i was just running it by other nurses for their insight. I do not intend to quit just wondering if there was a loophole if i acquired a 2nd job. thank you!
  12. Nierdo

    Nursing Staffing Companies?

    i am a new grad and i got my first job with a registry. They had a program set up so that i could get orientation and a short preceptorship. I guess I was lucky to find a registry that would do that for a new grad... however, without a proper orientation+preceptorship i was so thrown off the first days i was on the floor and still am now. My advice to you is to ask ur staffing agency to either give you "experience" precepting with a fellow nurse? Help with some home health nurses? You REALLY need to be supervised as a new grad to protect your license and your patients.
  13. Nierdo

    breaking contract

    I currently have a total hour requirement with my job and I am just about halfway through. The contract says that my employer has the power to fire me but no where does it say I have the power to leave at any time or that there are penalties for leaving. so can i just quit? J/W bc im actively seeking a better full time job.
  14. Nierdo

    wierd/scary craigslist job

    UPDATE!! IM ALIVE! turns out the company is under scrutiny by the law. im talking company name changes, malpractice, and pt. deaths.... multiple times. NO WONDER they would not openly share this information during the interviews. Question. I know its not unheard of for hospitals to have these issues arrise but how about for smaller practices? Would you trust them if they're actively seeking new management, additional training + certification and whatnot? They deserve a chance to better themselves?
  15. Nierdo

    wierd/scary craigslist job

    I came across a RN job on craigslist one day and sent my tweeked generic coverletter + resume as usual. The ad didn't say anything about new grads, experience or the company. didn't think much of it just another job ad. Few weeks later I get an email telling me i got passed the HR and now im scheduled for an interview.. Here's where the weird begins.. the email doesn't say the company name or give me a contact phone number.. OK...The address goes to a suite BUT the company isn't listed... I can't google ANYTHING about this address or suite# AND the email domain is a generic gmail... OK WEIRD but ill go to the interview... found the place ok, nice area, suite is listed as a PRIVATE COMPANY... no name?! really hmmm... went inside and saw legit looking employees and 1 pt walked in...was lead to a employee lounge to wait my turn... theres nothing in here, went to the managers "office" and theres no furniture just 2 chairs and bedside table... interviewed for 5 min and got a 2nd interview... 2nd interview email has the same wierdness new address BUT OK ill go. I enter the suite... and there are NO employees in sight just 2 interviewees... so i peak my head behind the reception desk to try to find ANYTHING with a company name on it... NOTHING. theres no patients at this facility... doesn't even look like its been used/brand new. NO PAPERWORK NOTHING. this suite is also listed as PRIVATE... interview was 5 min... told i got a 3rd interview but haven't heard from them since... the manager's email doesn't work... and the generic gmail emailer doesn't respond... WHAT SCARED ME THE MOST was not that i couldn't find a company name but that they asked for training over 500 miles away near the border... man i watch too many movies but HEY i might've got traffic-ed!! I wonder what happened to the other new grads? This company COULD BE LEGIT just starting or something but i dunno. SCARY!!!
  16. Nierdo

    New Grad in SF Bay Area

    met a girl at an interview the other day and she said suburban NY has alot of new grad possibilities.. as for the bay... ive been out a year and a half with the luck of landing in a new grad program (sorry no new openings). but i still apply to hospitals and have yet to see an interview. except for Sharps which was just RIDICULOUS competition. best bet i say do creative search engines (not just indeed or simplyhired), network!!!!, and go straight to the source. Ive had numerous interviews when i went and filled paper apps but alas my lack of exp turned me down... agencies? only a plus if they have good reviews and credentials!!!