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    2nd Career in Nursing

    I currently hold a BS in Finance and Economics and I have been working in my field since I graduated from my undergrad program. I have been struggling to be content with my choice in career... I sit in my desk on a daily basis and question why I even went this route... I have always been interested in the nursing profession - mainly because i could have a direct impact on someone's life. I am planning to start my prereqs this summer in order to apply for a Accelerated BSN program... I live in South Jersey so UMDNJ and Jefferson are among the programs I am interested in.. This is such a risk for my husband and I... I make a decent salary now, which I think is comparable to BSN salaries in my area ...however my real concern would be to not find a job. In my research I am finding that it is very difficult to find a job in New Jersey as an RN. Just wanted to see if I can get some thoughts from any other 2nd degree BSN... How did you make the change? Was it a financial risk for you? I just want to feel like I am doing good in my life! Thank you all!