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  1. I passed my NCLEX RN on the second try on June 3rd and I am a December 2010 graduate of Oakland University with a BSN. I've been looking on local hospital websites daily and applying for positions that I could be hired for. I'm basically looking for a med surg position so I can get experience since I only have experience from clinicals. I did my preceptorship at St. John Macomb on a med surg/ortho unit. Any advice from other recent grads or nurses would be greatly appreciated. I really would like a job in my field soon so I can finally quit my retail job that I've had for the past 6 years! Thank you!
  2. sshuler87

    Last Week of Studying...any tips???

    Just stay calm. You can do this! SATA are important but don't do too many questions too close to your test day. Go out and treat yourself. I got a pedi and a massage a couple days before and it helped wonders!
  3. sshuler87

    Lots of SATA questions for June NCLEX testers???

    I had the full test of 265 questions. I kept track and I had 35 SATA throughout my whole test! It was insane! Luckily I passed too!
  4. sshuler87

    Failed the NCLEX

    I've been in your situation. Just give yourself a couple weeks off. Register for your test again and get back into the groove. Try Kaplan's strategy guide, that really helped me understand the types of questions. You can pass, just stay focused and calm your nerves!
  5. sshuler87

    When Are Friday NCLEX Quick Results Updated?

    I took mine Friday too and my results were up after 48 hours! Good luck!
  6. sshuler87

    Any June NCLEX Test Takers Out There?

    Took mine friday for the second time, 265 questions and found out today that I passed! yay! So glad I made it!
  7. sshuler87

    Any June NCLEX Test Takers Out There?

    Taking ming tomorrow morning at 8am too! Good luck lc 2003, pray for me and I'll pray for you! Stay calm and go in with confidence. This is my second time around and the first time I was negative. So this time, I'm going in with a positive attitude!
  8. sshuler87

    Anxious in Michigan,NCLEX friday!

    [/font I've been following this site since I didn't pass my NCLEX RN for the first time back in February. I had the full 265 questions and I was devastated when I did the pvt and saw the credit card page, and even more upset when I got my official results. It's been very helpful and inspiring reading everyones tips and stories. The first time I took my test I was so nervous and negative about the whole experience. This time I'm trying to remain positive because I want this more than anything. I'm ready to start the next chapter in my life and I want to finally write RN after my name! I'm not a religious person, but I have been praying and reminding myself that I want this, I can do this! I've passed so many tests throughout nursing school, I can do one more! I've realized that I need to slow down and read the complete question and eliminate answers that I know are wrong for sure. Also, once and if I go past 75 questions to not lose focus and get caught up in what the number of questions that have been completed and why isn't my test ending already?! Test anxiety hurt me the first time, and this time I'm gonna walk in more calm and focused. Any words of wisdom and prayers would be greatly appreciated for my second attempt on Friday June 3rd. Thanks in advance! :redpinkhe
  9. sshuler87

    Any June NCLEX Test Takers Out There?

    Mine is Friday and I'm starting to get studying burnout. It doesn't help that it's a holiday weekend and the weather is nice and everyone is out doing fun stuff. I'm working on questions today from Lippincott and will do the same tomorrow along with some questions from Saunders 4th edition. I completed the Kaplan's strategy guide, but I will go over those strategies on Thursday and try to calm myself down. This is my second attempt so I'm really nervous, but trying to remain positive. I just wanna get this over with an be a RN already!
  10. sshuler87

    Any June NCLEX Test Takers Out There?

    June 3rd, 8am. This is my second attempt too! I'm getting really nervous, but trying really hard to remain positive. Nervousness and negativity killed me the first time I think!