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I graduated in December 2010 and took my first NCLEX RN at the end of February and had the full 265 questions and I unfortunately did not pass. I think my nerves got the best of me and I panicked when my computer didn't shut off after 75 questions, and when I passed 100 and 150 I started to cry and freak out. To study the first time I used Saunders and Lippincott along with NCSBN 5 week membership. I had a hard time dealing with failing, so I took a month off to regroup and cheer myself up. I decided not to register for NCSBN again and a former classmate let me use the rest of her Kaplan, but it ends next week on April 14th. I have yet to schedule a date because 1, I'm scared, and 2 I haven't received my ATT in my email. I'm under the impression that to retest in Michigan, you pay the $200 fee to Pearson Vue and then a new ATT will be emailed to you when your 45 days has passed. My "results" were mailed to me and I was "near passing level" in all the categories, so that really wasn't helpful. Does anyone have any advice about studying and retesting in Michigan specifically? I really don't know when to reschedule and I don't have the time or money to order new books and try to confuse myself some more. I also work 32-38 hours a week and I need motivation and guidance, thank you!:redpinkhe


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Please contact your BON about retaking the exam. Some BON requires you to submit new application and fee for retaking, others dont. You should also pay $200 to pearsonvue. After exact 45 days, your BON will contact pearsonvue and they will send you your new ATT. Expect to recieve your ATT immediately after 45 days.

There are several free resources online that can really help you study. There was a post with links for examcram, exammaster, etc. May be you could use this. They will certainly help. I suggest you make use of Kaplan as much as you can, before it expires. Kaplan is really good.

May be someone has free links to Lacharity, another great resource. Browse the recent postings in NCLEX forum, I am sure you will find them.

All the best. You can do it!


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Contact the Board for necessary info.


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I live in Michigan also, and I graduated in Dec 2009, failed nclex 3 times, and just recently passed. My advice is take Kaplans..thats what I did after my third attempt. I wish I would have taken it before my first attempt, but it was a lot of money, and people have failed with it so I kept putting it off, but that was the only thing left, and it worked wonders. It has content review, but the most important thing that it has is how to critical think, and how to answer the style of questions that nclexs has. Trust me it works, you jsut have to put your all into it, and if your determined like I was you will pass. Good luck and have faith in yourself. If you need help with kaplans or questions with anything let me know I know how difficult it was to fail, therefore I am willing to help anyone.



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Hi, I just stumbled upon this post, I know it's from a while back but if this finds anyone in this section I have a question. I was wondering if anyone knows specifically how to retake the NCLEX in Michigan. I tried looking on the State Board website but I can't find whether or not I have to reapply to the State & redo the fingerprints in order to retake. Any ideas or experience?

Thanks! Missy :confused: