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  1. HI Neuro Guy Np!

    I am a new NP and was hired into a very busy hospital for the neurology department. Unfortunately, I did not receive much training at all! I do try to follow along with the residents and attendings during presentation and did work 5 yrs in neuro trauma, however I know you can attest to how different RN and NP work can be. I am reading scans and managing strokes, seizures, MS exacerbations etc in an acute care setting. I was wondering if you had any tips, resources or even recommend conferences and trainings I can attend to help me. I enjoy neurology and would love to do a residency (like you!) but I am unable at this time. Thanks in advance

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    2. DrNeuroNP86


      Thanks. I have a few I am looking into as well as ENLS. Do you think ENLS self paced is worth it?

    3. Neuro Guy NP

      Neuro Guy NP, DNP, PhD, APRN

      I think ENLS self paced is worth it. You can study like you need to and really make it a learning lesson. I'll email you some lectures and stuff I have and some websites you can go to for radiology help. I think that will be beneficial. In what geographic area do you practice? 

    4. DrNeuroNP86


      Thanks I really appreciate it! I am in California



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