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  1. ValerieBPDX

    ITT Tech's New Program???

    I don't think anyone is saying that having graduated from a for-profit college that accepts everyone who is willing to pay for it will automatically make you a bad nurse, or even a worse nurse than someone who graduated from a regular college or university. All we are questioning is whether you will ever get a chance to prove it--in a tight job market, if I were hiring, I would pick someone whose merits (undergrad work, medical experience, references, etc.) got them into the most competitive programs in the area. We should probably all walk away from this thread pretty soon because it is apparently impossible to be objective about it, especially if you are in it. (I always say, of course I think my way is the best--if I thought another way was better, I would do that.) I hope everybody gets a fulfilling job after graduation, and I intend no disrespect to anyone, whatever path you choose--just my
  2. ValerieBPDX

    OHSU ABSN June 2011 Start

    Yahoo! Congratulations to both of you! What is up with a fall Acc BSN? Did they say how many people in the cohort?
  3. ValerieBPDX

    OHSU ABSN June 2011 Start

    Sorry--I wasn't thinking. I should have been more coy and tried to get some intel. She said there was an update in my admission status and asked if I was still interested in my alternate position. I said "no" and she said they were going to offer me a spot and then wished me luck at UP. Quick conversation! She told me to keep OHSU in mind if I did any grad work (I thought, why would you like me any better for a masters?, but didn't say so. LOL) I hope good news is coming soon for you!
  4. ValerieBPDX

    OHSU ABSN June 2011 Start

    I finally got off the waiting list today! Didn't take the offered spot because I am ready to roll at UP for the fall, but just wanted to let folks know they are working their way down the alternate list for the summer start ABSN--it is not over yet!
  5. ValerieBPDX

    It's hard for me now!!!!

    So sorry you are having to make this tough decision. It is really hard when family obligations get in the way of the future you are working so hard for. My dad is in a VA hospital in CA--before he went to live there it was very tough to balance my school aspirations and obligations, my own family in Portland, and the care my dad needed in CA. I don't know if it is possible to defer your acceptance (I doubt it, given the competitive nature of the program) but I hope you talk to someone in admissions about your options before you outright decline. I wish you and your family the best, and I hope if you have to reapply next year, everything goes smoothly. Take care.
  6. ValerieBPDX

    Applicants to Portland area schools 2011

    Sorry, I was using the term imprecisely--I just meant a two-year degree. I genuinely doubt it matters which one you have. Re: the job market, I was only speaking to my own experience, as I know that Providence will no longer hire any new grad without a BSN starting next year and the woman who told me so indicated that was the direction all the big hospital systems were headed, if that was not their policy already. Hope no one feels misinformed by me.
  7. ValerieBPDX

    Applicants to Portland area schools 2011

    On the contrary--that's the perfect time to pay back debt aggressively. You're already used to being poor. LOL
  8. ValerieBPDX

    Applicants to Portland area schools 2011

    Sorry for my useless opinion then. Crimony, three years?? Why would anyone go straight to OHSU under those circumstances? I assumed the choice was between slow and cheap or fast and expensive. I applied for the accelerated BSNs @ OHSU and Linfield, because being done in 15 months made the tuition seem worthwhile (I am just glad I didn't know when I began what I know now, that it would take me two full schoolyears at PCC to do all the prereqs, or I doubt I'd have started the whole process--four full years just to get the second half of a 4-year degree is BS), and for U.P. because it's right down the street, plus the hope of the Providence scholarship.
  9. ValerieBPDX

    Applicants to Portland area schools 2011

    Not trying to influence you either way (though, full disclosure, I didn't apply to any CC programs because I definitely wanted the BSN and didn't want to take the extra year), but don't forget to consider that extra year--during which you could be working full time. If you do an OCNE thing, you are starting work in fall 2014 with $28K of debt. If you go straight to OHSU, you can start work making $60-65K per year in fall 2013 with $51K of debt--keep living like a college student and pay it off within a year or two. The way I see it, you come out $37,000 ahead. That was my thought process in my planning. Some might say you can work during that bridge year (can you? I don't actually know), but nobody's hiring ADNs anyway. At any rate, there's certainly no call to be sad, dude. Most everyone here is taking on debt as a result of this path, a sucky means to a great end. And having a wealth of options is a GOOD thing. Just pick one and don't second-guess yourself. Congratulations!
  10. ValerieBPDX

    Wait listed for University of Portland Spring 2012

    Today I was offered to move from Spring 2012 to Fall 2011, and I took it. Hope you get your call by the weekend so you can celebrate!