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  1. I can't remember the name of the test I took, but you got points based on the test score you made such as lets say you made 90-100 then you might get five points and then 80-90 you would get four and so on but you got points for many things such as y...
  2. Case managment??

    What is case management? I have read a few threads but nothing really explains it. Thanks.
  3. Case managment??

    Thanks for the info! I was just curious. I am a bedside nurse but I have been wondering if I want to do something else and it was a curiosity for me. Blessings. Lori RN
  4. Hello, my name is Kathi and I need some

    The awesome thing about nursing is you are constantly teaching. You don't just make a plan to care for your patient but you are always answering questions and teaching them how to care for themselves. For instance, I am a labor and delivery nurse. ...
  5. Nursing Career- Where to start??

    The community college in my state has a two year RN program. You might check to see if yours does too. Now let me make a suggestion. They show you that it can be done in two years, but I have never seen anyone do all their basics and the nursing p...
  6. need advice about L&D nursing

    I think you would probably really enjoy labor and delivery. I am currently an LDRP nurse and I love it. We had a nurse just this year come to us from ICU and she loves it. She said that she would not trade back for anything. I agree with the nurs...