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  1. Post-Covid: How to Cope

    You are right--at some point I need to let go of trying to control the healing process and simply trust my body to heal. I'm sorry that you've had to go through what you've gone through. I'll continue to exercise and to take supplements. I'll ...
  2. Post-Covid: How to Cope

    Background: I tested positive for the Covid virus in April and was off work through mid-May. I refused hospitalization. I am a Wound Care nurse (Inpatient, Outpatient, and the only nurse for a clinic one day a week). I've worked surgical, oncol...
  3. Best dressing for buttocks

    Use of silver products is contraindicated in the presence of a sulfa allergy. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2680240/ Scroll toward the bottom of the page under "Silver". That being said, I've seen plenty of physicians use silver on...
  4. Lymphedema specialist need in wound clinic?

    I was told by our billing office that Medicare will not reimburse for nurse lymphedema certification. Our go-to for lymphedema is an Occupational Therapist and there is a program specifically for patients with ymphedema, although we apply wraps if ...
  5. Rant. Questions are killing me!

    I remember thinking in nursing school that "critical thinking" questions should not be tested until you had learned enough about nursing to have the background to think critically. This should be seen as an exercise to develop your critical thinking ...
  6. Questions from a nursing student

    1) I live in a red state in a rural area. I have not seen any discrimination against an employee because of his/her lifestyle choice. However, the employees never made a point of advertising their lifestyle choices. I have seen what I regard as...
  7. WOC certification without a BSN?

    The WOCN requires A bachelor's degree. Unless there has been a very recent change, this is any bachelor's degree, not a BSN. The WOCN program is very well-respected. You can get info at WOCN.org. I have a WCC from WCEI (WCEI.net). While it is...
  8. Where Were You...9/11

    I was working as an acute dialysis nurse in a medium-sized town in Kansas. We had already had a gas explosion under the downtown that year and had controlled fires burning in various areas in town. We also had a number of Hepatitis A cases from sev...
  9. CWOCN/CFCN student seeking supplies advice

    The headlamp is very helpful. We bought one (without magnification, which would also be great) for our provider because the lamps we use are unwieldy and we had to move them constantly from room to room. After research, we decided on a minimum of 3...
  10. Best online sites for wound care education

    Thank you!
  11. Best dressing for buttocks

    We use hydrofiber if needed (Aquacel or Aquacel AG if infected with no sulfa allergy) and a border foam (like Allevyn Life) for patients who live alone. The hydrofiber may come off, depending on the depth of the wound, but I have had several patient...
  12. Frequent dressing change and use of tape

    Has a culture been obtained to rule out infection? It sounds like the wound has excessive exudate. Changing the drsg TID seems excessive. We tend to change dressings every other day in the inpatient setting, longer in outpatient. Most foams can b...
  13. CNA doing wound vacs??

    I would like to know what certification your CNA has. I work with a CNA who is interested in obtaining certification.
  14. Best stethoscope for an ER Nurse?

    As a non-ER nurse, I have used a Sprague Rappaport (
  15. Coding/billing

    I am the wound care nurse (WCC) at a 22-bed CAH hospital. I direct care (under the direction of protocols and the supervision of the attending physician) for inpatients. I also run an outpatient wound clinic one day a week and take care of those same...