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I am the wound care nurse (WCC) at a 22-bed CAH hospital. I direct care (under the direction of protocols and the supervision of the attending physician) for inpatients. I also run an outpatient wound clinic one day a week and take care of those same outpatients the other four days of the week. I am expected to deal with vendors, arrange for items such as wound vacs, and make sure that any patients doing home wound care have what they need, and that the wound care department has the inventory it needs to run smoothly.

Today, our biller came to me and informed me that I need to learn to code. She and the coder believe that I should GIVE them the code they need to bill. She gave me a copy of our LCD.

She claims I can just "read through" the LCD and know how to code. She became upset when I pointed out that I am already busy with the work I have, plus keeping up PALS, ACLS, NRP, etc, and also assisting in our outpatient infusion center.

I don't really want to make waves, but there is no way I can take on coding along with all of my other responsibilities.

I don't even know where to start with this. Obviously, I need to speak with the DON and my direct supervisor, but nothing has happened with past issues, so I really don't expect any result. Other than learning to code, I need help finding a solution to this issue.

Does anyone out there have any ideas?

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