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  1. JuliWB

    RPN (Ontario) to BScN

    Hello! I have been an RPN for 2.5yrs. I have been considering taking a bridging program for quite some time now and have looked at a lot of the options. Since I have a family of 5 and soon to be 6 I am really only considering the Nipissing bridge or OUIT. Since I have a baby due in the fall I will likely not apply for another year or two but was hoping to take some classes to reduce the course load down the road. Is anyone aware of what courses you can get credit for in bridging programs. I have taken Coronary Care I and Prenatal I. Would also love to get some feedback on both of these programs. Unfortunately I have found that a lot of bridging students considered their programs lackluster and a cash crab. Any input is appreciated. Many thanks!
  2. @ [COLOR=#003366]sun2bnrse: Congratulations on your acceptance. I want to apply for the RPN program at Georgian for 2014 fall intake . I have a family with two kids so I'm really curious about the schedule. Whenever I approach the program coordinator they just say it's Mo-Fri. Would you mind sharing your schedule? You could even send me a personal msg. Thank you!
  3. JuliWB

    Being a Nurse and Mother in Ontario?

    Oh boy! I got accepted into a RPN program for January intake! What to do now? I've never been so torn over anything. I guess I should mention that I would have to work at least part-time (20-24hrs) if I don't go to school. So whether I'm in school or not, I will be away from my little one. My course load will be a little lighter because I will receive transfer credits for at least 6 courses (possibly 7). After some soul searching it really comes down two issues that are holding me back: 1) Should I do school now (with one child) or later after I had more kids and when they are in school? 2) Is nursing really right for me? I'm attracted to nursing for many, many reasons but my biggest worry is that I have the wrong idea of what it's like to be a nurse. I've been researching nursing school and the nursing profession for nearly 2 years now. Unfortunately it seems that you don't really know what a job is really like until you have worked in it. I already have a diploma in a field that I didn't enjoy working in. I guess I should be happy about having the opportunity. It's just about figuring out when the right time is. Thanks for your input so far. You all have been very helpful.
  4. Thanks for your reply. You took the part-time route? Did you go the Orangeville campus? I was looking into part-time but it is not available in Barrie. Do you know if you can enrol in the full-time program and only take a part-time course load?
  5. JuliWB

    Being a Nurse and Mother in Ontario?

    Thank you, ladies. Fiona: You really hit the nail on the head for me with what you said about missing out on your child's life. This is the one thing holding me back. I love working (just didn't really love what I was doing...hence the career change) but having my daughter has changed me so profoundly...I can't even explain it. I get a heavy heart just thinking that I might miss out on so much of her life. I have considered waiting until she and siblings that may follow are in school but I would be looking at going to school in 7 years then. That's a very long time.
  6. Hello Everyone: I'm looking into going back to school to become an RPN, specifically at Georgian College. I'm looking for some information from current students or grads. Would love to hear from Moms that went back to school and have kids. 1) How many hours of class did you have a week in 1st, 2nd, 3rd semester, etc.? 2) Did you find the workload managable? 3) If you weren't able to attend class due to child sickness, etc., what was the reaction of your profs? 4) Any advice? Many thanks ahead of time.
  7. Hello Ladies: I'm contemplating a career change and am looking into acquiring an RPN (Registered Practical Nurse) diploma in Ontario. I'm looking for some candid views on what it is like to work as a nurse and having a family. I have a 1 year old and am planning on growing my family. Any thoughts and suggestions are appreciated. It would be great to get input from both recent grads/moms and senior nurses/moms. Thank you very much!!!

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