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  1. Hello! I would love to hear from recent graduates who finished their BScN degrees through bridging programs in Ontario. I have reviewed many bridging programs and am so appalled at the content and length. Every single bridging program has different content and varies from 6 -8 semesters in length. So many of the course descriptions seem identical to courses I took at the Georgian College RPN program. It looks like the education is based on the certificate level RPN education that was previously required before rules have changed in Ontario. I'm so frustrated by this. I have spoken to several graduates from Nipissing, OUIT, Ryerson and Trent and the feedback is the same, a considerable portion of the program is a duplication of their RPN education, programs were labeled as "cash grabs" and should have been shorter. I'm just curious how other people feel. I have written the RPNAO with my complaint, and they are aware of this feedback and agreed that change is due. Because of my career aspirations I have no choice but I hate the idea of spending a fortune on duplicated education. Please let me know your thoughts on bridging programs you took.
  2. JuliWB

    RPN (Ontario) to BScN

    Hello! I have been an RPN for 2.5yrs. I have been considering taking a bridging program for quite some time now and have looked at a lot of the options. Since I have a family of 5 and soon to be 6 I am really only considering the Nipissing bridge or OUIT. Since I have a baby due in the fall I will likely not apply for another year or two but was hoping to take some classes to reduce the course load down the road. Is anyone aware of what courses you can get credit for in bridging programs. I have taken Coronary Care I and Prenatal I. Would also love to get some feedback on both of these programs. Unfortunately I have found that a lot of bridging students considered their programs lackluster and a cash crab. Any input is appreciated. Many thanks!
  3. Thanks for your reply. You took the part-time route? Did you go the Orangeville campus? I was looking into part-time but it is not available in Barrie. Do you know if you can enrol in the full-time program and only take a part-time course load?
  4. JuliWB

    Being a Nurse and Mother in Ontario?

    Thank you, ladies. Fiona: You really hit the nail on the head for me with what you said about missing out on your child's life. This is the one thing holding me back. I love working (just didn't really love what I was doing...hence the career change) but having my daughter has changed me so profoundly...I can't even explain it. I get a heavy heart just thinking that I might miss out on so much of her life. I have considered waiting until she and siblings that may follow are in school but I would be looking at going to school in 7 years then. That's a very long time.
  5. JuliWB

    Part-time RPN Program

    I was planning on going to Barrie. The college is only a 35 minute drive from where I live. Did your courses take a whole semester?
  6. JuliWB

    Part-time RPN Program

    Hi Loriangel: I have a quick question for you. I think in previous posts you mentioned that you had to take the pre-requisites (bio and chem) at Georgian. Did you do these online or in class? How much did it cost? Thanks, JuliWB
  7. JuliWB

    Part-time RPN Program

    So what I gather from the previous posts is that it should be possible to complete the BScN part-time even if it isn't offered officially on a part-time basis. I didn't know that this is possible. A mom I have met is going to York for Nursing and when she was trying to take less classes in order to accummulate enough work hours to go on maternity leave the faculty was giving her a hard time telling her that nursing is not a part-time program. I would prefer going straight for the BScN as long as I can do it part-time only. Has anybody done this at York? Thanks again, Juli
  8. Hello Georgian/York RN Graduates/Students: I have a few questions regarding the BScN program at Georgian/York. What was the required average to be admitted to the program? How many hours of class did you have during each year of schooling? How many placement hours did you have during each year? Were you able to find your own placements? Were the placements close to Barrie and area? I'm just figuring out cost of child care and the possibility of working in addition to going to school. Thank you.
  9. JuliWB

    Part-time RPN Program

    Thank you for your input, Ladies. Wow, the bridging program takes 3 years full time. Oh my! That would mean I would have to be in school for 7 years instead of 4 if I would go for the straight route to become an RN. Any chance that a BScN would ever be offered part-time??? If only I could find a way to fund the full time program without accumulating an exuberant amount of OSAP debt. CanadianGirl79: Did you have any previous schooling? I have a 3-year diploma from Georgian and was hoping that I would be exempt from the GenEd and communication courses. Were GenEds and communication courses taught during the classes on the two days you had to go to school. Were any of the courses offered online? Thanks again. :) It really is like pulling teeth getting proper answers from the college. Juli
  10. JuliWB

    Part-time RPN Program

    Hello Everyone: I have been researching nursing programs as I'm considering a career change. My ultimate goal is to become an RN and even though I would prefer the direct route it appears that the part-time RPN route followed by eventually bridging to RN is the best route for my current situation. I have 1 year old baby girl and can not afford to stay off work while in school. I have been doing a lot of research and have sent emails to the faculty at Georgian College (school I would have to attend) but it seems that the responses I receive are often vague and incomplete (they must be swamped with inquiries). I was hoping to gather some input based on your experiences. Here are a few of my questions: How many hours per week are you in class and in placements? Are there set days/ evenings for classes Is it possible to fast track through the part-time program (i.e. no semester break) How long does it take to obtain my RN through the bridging program. Is the bridging program part-time or available on a part-time basis Any advice for a Mom of 1 who is planning to grow her family even while in school and will have to work as well? Are you aware of any government funding programs? Somebody mentioned to me that there used to be a funding program for people who want to take nursing. I couldn't find any information other than bursaries/ sholarships through schools. Thank you for your time. I'm looking forward to your responses.