To Georgian RPN students/graduates and other RPN grads


Hello Everyone:

I'm looking into going back to school to become an RPN, specifically at Georgian College. I'm looking for some information from current students or grads. Would love to hear from Moms that went back to school and have kids.

1) How many hours of class did you have a week in 1st, 2nd, 3rd semester, etc.?

2) Did you find the workload managable?

3) If you weren't able to attend class due to child sickness, etc., what was the reaction of your profs?

4) Any advice?

Many thanks ahead of time.

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I went part time so my answers for 1 & 2 would not be of much use.As for #3 before you start you had better be prepared to deal with emergencies and get yourself to class. Missing classes is frowned upon,one or two is ok but much more will get you in hot water. I know of two girls from my part time class that were asked to leave due to too any missed classes.They have no official policy for missing classes as to how many is too many. Getting someone's notes is not a satifactory way to make up for missing a class.

Hmm advice? Do your reading, don't let it get ahead of you.Same with homework. Stay away from the drama queens and gossip girls.Find two or three people you like and form a study group.In clinicals take every chance to watch/do procedures. Ask questions.

Best of luck.


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Thanks for your reply. You took the part-time route? Did you go the Orangeville campus? I was looking into part-time but it is not available in Barrie. Do you know if you can enrol in the full-time program and only take a part-time course load?

loriangel14, RN

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Yeah I went to Orangeville.No if you enrol in the full time you have to take the full load. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that when you are doing clinicals you basically can't miss any days. You have to be on your deathbed for that. Clinical rotations are carefully set up and scheduled so making up a missed day is practically impossible.