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  1. jenniferbr

    NCLEX-RN 265 questions

    Congratulations!!!! I also took the NCLEX RN this month (Feb. 11th) and got 265 questions. I passed too!!!! 265 questions sure does feel like the end of the world, but thankfully, it is not!
  2. NCSBN learning extension is an online course. I used it to study for NCLEX RN and highly recommend it. It is available to purchase for 3wks, 5wks, 8wks, or 15wks. I used the 3 week course and passed. It is always up to date to the current NCLEX test plan.
  3. jenniferbr

    ncsbn test review, has anyone used it?

    By the way....to one of the previous replies.....I had failed the NCLEX RN 3 times and I tried everything. Kaplan, Review cards, Review books with CD's, DVD's, Vipramed, and thousands of questions. It is easy to get overwhelmed with too many resources. The last time I studied I did only the NCSBN learning extension and flash cards with lab values. That really helped me focus on the content becuase I was not constantly changing study material and trying to get through it all. I took the NCLEX RN for my 4th time on Feb. 11, 2011 and got 265 questions and finally passed! I truely believe that it is all because of this review.
  4. jenniferbr

    ncsbn test review, has anyone used it?

    I took the NCSBN learning extension 3 week course and highly recommend it to anyone preparing for the NCLEX RN and especially to anyone who has taken the NCLEX and failed. I failed three times. I was not going to take it again, but eventually decided to try one last time. I have three kids so it made it hard to study. I did not even make it through all of the content because I would get overwhelmed and discouraged. I took the pretest, the postest, and did all of the practice quizzes. DO ALL OF THE PRACTICE QUIZZES AND READ EACH AND EVERY RATIONALE FOR EVERY QUESTION, EVEN IF YOU GET THE QUESTIONS RIGHT. If you have time do the quizzes over and over again. Not only is the content right on for the NCLEX RN, but these questions will help prepare you for the way the questions are worded on the actual exam and the NCSBN learning extension is always up to date to the current test plan. I was on the website for 1-2 hours a day everyday for three weeks. Thats it. I did the NCSBN learning extension and flash cards of lab values that I had made myself. Do the quizzes, read the rationales, and know your lab values and you too will be on your way to being an RN! Best of luck!!!