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  1. I traveled with MEDICO! I went on more of a pre-organized trip as a nursing student for my final preceptorship. Let me tell you, it was amazing! A nursing instructor brought 6 students and we were the nurses of the trip. We traveled with a group of physicians and medical residents. A MEDICO representative came with and helped as a non-medical volunteer the whole time. Our trip was to Jalapa, Nicaragua. The team leaders had all of our accomodations and meals planned. I am looking for another trip to do through MEDICO. They tend to go to the same areas on a yearly basis, so the locals recognize and have trust in them. The cost is around $800, plus airfare. As was said before, this goes for medications and other supplies for the trip. MEDICO is a non-profit organization. For me, the round trip airfare was about $700, so in total about $1500. I also enjoyed that it did not have the strong religious basis that most missions do, as I am not a religious person.