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  1. We have 1-2 patients. Good luck with your move! When do you begin orientation? You'll start on days, so we'll meet each other at shift change. Be sure to introduce yourself!
  2. I'm a new grad--just graduated in December. All the classes have been good, but the program (between being in the unit, taking classes, and working on ECCO) takes most all of my time right now. But to be honest, I'm fine with it--I'm learning a lot and there is definitely A LOT to learn! I'll also be moving to nights--I agree, it's also what I prefer. It'll be a good shift to learn on, since it's usually a little less hectic. And differentials are always a plus. ;-) We wear navy scrubs. I actually don't know all the ins and outs of the scheduling requirements yet, to be honest. For the time being I am working my preceptor's schedule and this will continue for several more weeks.
  3. And yes, I started Feb. 25.
  4. Cool--I'm a CCU nurse as well. :-) CCU is just CCU--we don't have a color. ;-) Are you experienced or a new grad?
  5. Congrats to you!! Which unit will you be working in? I'm currently a critical care resident there--tough, but I love it, and Piedmont is great. If you are wanting to avoid traffic all together, I'd suggest getting as close to the hospital as possible. I've lived in Atlanta all my life and I still want to pull my hair out most days. ;-)
  6. Kel3

    GSU Fall 13 Applicants

    Guys, ignore this person. When deciding which school(s) to apply to, take a look at what fits best into your lifestyle, what you can afford, where you feel comfortable, and what the school's NCLEX pass rates are. If GSU is where you want to go, then definitely apply there knowing that it's a good school, a respected school, has good NCLEX pass rates, and that you will have a good shot at getting hired after graduation. Oh, and just so you know, as a recent GSU grad, I was hired into a critical care unit at a major hospital here in Atlanta. Had I graduated from "a top ranked program" you know how much more money I would be making right now? Not. One. Penny. More. This is an exciting and nerve wracking time for you guys--don't let anyone take away from your excitement. I truly wish you all the best of luck!! Warmly, Kelly PS--For NCLEX pass rates throughout the state, go here: http://sos.georgia.gov/plb/rn/NCLEXSCORES.pdf (OMG--I just checked out University of Maryland...looks like they are comparable! ;-) )
  7. Kel3

    Question for GSU nursing students...

    Yep, it is really 3 years long. There is a chance that you can combine your last two semesters, but that is only if they can find extra practicum placements--which they were unable to do this current semester. I have several friends in the traditional program who had planned to combine, but couldn't. The ACE program is definitely a lot to keep up with, but absolutely doable. There are always a few people who can't manage and have to switch to the traditional track, but most people are able to complete the ACE program. Best of luck! Kelly (Dec 2012 grad, ACE track)
  8. Yep, that's our uniform. You'll have med/surg and psych clinicals over the summer. You'll want to talk to the professors as soon as you can about needing to miss a week. I would imagine they'd be willing to work with you, but summer is definitely a trickier semester to miss a week.
  9. PS--Congrats on your acceptance!!
  10. It's possible, but it won't be pleasant. You can always give it a shot, and if it feels like too much you can drop the psych class. There is no way that I could/would have taken another class during A1 (or A-anything, to be honest), but that doesn't mean that someone else can't. Just make sure that if you feel yourself struggling early on to go ahead and pull the trigger on the drop...you don't want to dig yourself a hole too deep to get out of--especially with pharm. If you have any other questions about the program, just let me know! Kelly (A4)
  11. Hopefully I am understanding your question--if not, just let me know and I'll try again. :-) Not only do you have to have all the nursing school prereqs done, but you must also have all the college-required core courses (which is what the course you are referring to is) complete prior to beginning the ACE program. When you run an Academic Evaluation (in PAWS) you want to make sure that all areas are "Met" except for area G and a couple of the area H classes that you must take in nursing school. Use that Academic Eval tool--it's your friend! As an aside...if there is anyway that you can take the Nutrition class prior to beginning the program, do it!! You will be so thankful that you did so when you begin A1. (Nutr 3300 satisfies Nutr 3200) If you have any other questions, just let me know! Kelly (current A4)
  12. Kel3

    So Frustrated!!

    If I still had mine, I'd give it to you, but I gave it away after receiving my test score early last year. I understand what you are saying--there is nothing cheap about any of this. Just wait until you get accepted. The cost of books, uniforms, lab pack, and all the other stuff that you need prior to A1 is outrageous. Thankfully you never have to cough up nearly that much money again for the remainder of the program. Kelly
  13. Kel3

    So Frustrated!!

    jenbrewington--Get the study guide that ATI offers. I used their study guide and then purchased the two online practice assessments that are offered. Using nothing else, I was able to make a 94. Best of luck to you!!! Kelly
  14. Kel3

    So Frustrated!!

    What are you using for a study guide? Kelly
  15. Kel3

    Georgia State University Pre-Nursing Students

    jenbrewington: I'm sure you are fine, since those are higher level courses than 1151 and 1152. You can always call the nursing office to make sure, but I would be beyond shocked if you were told any different. Best of luck to you!! Kelly (current A4 student)
  16. Kel3

    Help needed about prereqs?!

    yuna_cry: I am an ACE student at Georgia State, so obviously my knowledge is based on my experience there, but here's my take. :-) I personally think that GPC is a great option for knocking out prereqs because it's cheap--I knocked out many of mine there. I did end up transfering to GSU for chem 2, both A&Ps, micro, and the couple of prereqs that they require to be taken at GSU. I did this thinking that if I went to GSU for a few semesters before applying for nursing school that I would somehow have a leg-up...which I don't think makes any difference whatsoever. I have a friend who completed all prereqs at GPC and was then accepted into Emory's SON. We took the same chemistries, so my guess is that the difference between their gen chem and GPC's or GSU's survey of chem is in name only. However, I am no expert on Emory, nor will I pretend to be, so I'll leave it at that. If you do your prereqs at GPC, the only prereq for A&P is the first chem--no other bio is needed. A&P and micro at GSU have no prereqs. If you have any other questions that I might be able to help with, just let me know. Kelly