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  1. xoNurseRNxo

    Job fair?

    Awesome, CONGRATS!!! And best of luck!
  2. xoNurseRNxo

    Job fair?

    Awesome! Hope it ends well and you land your desired job!
  3. xoNurseRNxo

    Job fair?

    I have attended two RN job fairs at two different hospitals in the last month. The first one, it was a frenzy with several attendees. It was a large conference room with tables set up with hiring managers, charge nurse, and/or unit directors from several department. We had to line up and wait for the person in front of you to be done, then it was your turn. Interviews were really quick (and I mean no more than 5mins each) and I didnt feel like I had enough time to let them know about me, my qualifications, etc. The charge nurse interviewing me even apologized for it feeling rushed. I interview for med/surg and tele. Both asked "tell me about yourself" Med/surg also asked to describe the nursing process and that was it. With Tele, the nurse asked a few more questions. I felt a little more at ease. I have not received a call from them. The most recent RN job fair was a bit more organized. The flyer specifically stated to be prepared for interviews, on the spot offers, and copies of resumes. At check-in I was asked what dept(s) I was interested in, and my name was placed on a list in said dept. I then went to a fairly small room. At first, they were calling out on anyone interested in "X unit and have experience/no-experience" Later, they started calling people by names and were directed to an adjacent room to be interviewed. I enjoyed this format much better because it didn't feel rushed and I didn't have a line behind me waiting for their turn. I am actually being considered for a med/surg position but, per hospital policy, I have to wait 7 days from the job posting in case an internal candidate is interested. But there were quiet a few people who received offers and left the job fair employed.
  4. xoNurseRNxo

    Exclude 1 yr HH experience on resume?

    Thank you Karou! I will look into LTACs in my area.
  5. xoNurseRNxo

    Exclude 1 yr HH experience on resume?

    Thank you all for the great advice!
  6. xoNurseRNxo

    Exclude 1 yr HH experience on resume?

    Hello everyone , A little background...I obtained my ADN in 2008 but due to family circumstances was unable to start working until 2011. I was hired as a home health (HH) RN and worked there for a year. I tried moving into the acute care setting but have been unsuccessful. Meanwhile, I returned to school to obtain my BSN and will be graduating at the end of this year. I recently applied for a new grad program at a local hospital but was told they were looking for candidates with ZERO experience. I thought 1 yr HH experience would help me land a job at a hospital, but that is not the case. Now I know it's not acute care experience, but HH gave me hands on experience on post-surgical care, wound care, IV therapy, diabetes education, etc. Several friends have told me to leave out my 1 yr experience out of my resume. Now is this a good idea? I have mixed feelings about this. I don't like lying and ultimately many answers to nursing interview questions come from my experience in HH. But with these new grad programs wanting NO EXPERIENCE whatsoever, it makes me want to remove it from my resume. Also, an instructor told me that she has former students with one yr experience (e.g. SNF) be accepted into new grad programs. I guess it depends on the facility? What is your advice?? Thank you in advance! :)
  7. xoNurseRNxo

    Clinical Pathways

    I want to add that the clinical pathways section is kind of vague. I think it is to give you a basic idea of assessment/eval/teaching for each visit. I'm sure a lot of tailoring will have to be done to meet your pt's need.
  8. xoNurseRNxo

    Clinical Pathways

    I have "pocket guide to home care standards: complete guidelines for clinical practice, documentation, an reimbursement" that I go over many times when doing a SOC. It's has very useful info pertaining to various diseases with assessment, inventions, diagnosis, teachings, etc. Also towards the back is a section titled clinical pathways in home care. I came across this book because someone else is this forum recommended it.
  9. xoNurseRNxo

    Weekend work

    I new to HH, was wondering if in your HH agency it's common to do SOC on weekends??
  10. xoNurseRNxo

    PICC dressing chage after placement

    When a pt has a new PICC line placed, does it need to be changed within a certain number of days after placement? Can dressing be changed the following day?
  11. xoNurseRNxo

    Per diem question

    Like I said we are all per diem but have full time schedules. I have IV pts that have to be seen daily (I work 5-6 days/wk). I get my schedule weekly with my pts for the day. SOC pts are usually given a day before, sometimes the day of. I was never told that I had to be available from 9-5 for example. Since we get paid per visit, every nurse starts their day at different times.
  12. xoNurseRNxo

    Per diem question

    I work for a home health agency where most of the nurses are per diem, but we typically work 5-6 days a week. We are paid per visit. One day I had a personal appt that was made a week in advance. I made the appt at the latest time possible and for a day I knew I would be done early. Well that day towards the end of my day I was asked to see a pt for SOC and I politely said I had an appt at certain time and was unable to do it. I was then told that I had to see an X amount of pts a day and that i was to not make personal appt on days I'm scheduled to work. First off, can someone pls explain how per diem works in HH when getting paid per pt. Second, I'm not on shift hrs or pay so is it not reasonable to make an appt in late afternoon when you assume you'll be done with work? Any advise or reason is welcome!
  13. xoNurseRNxo

    How physical is home health?

    It can be demanding on the body at times. Like you said, most of the time you won't have help transferring or turning clients. There's been many instances where I've done wound care to lower extremities in a squatting/kneeling position. Also I've encountered clients who have low beds (no hospital beds that can be raised) so it becomes a challenge. And the driving is tough too.
  14. xoNurseRNxo

    No blood return from PICC...is it a problem??

    Thank you all for your tips. I had pt lay flat with extended arm and had pt turn head opposite direction. I was able to easily obtain labs through PICC line. Once again THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP!!!
  15. I'm in home health and have a pt who recently had a PICC inserted for IV ABX infusion d/t osteomylitis. I tried drawing labs from PICC (singe lumen) but was unsuccessful. I was able to get less than 1cc of blood. His IV ABX infuses with no problems. Should I be concern? Are there tips to try to get blood return from PICC (e.g arm positioning)?
  16. xoNurseRNxo

    HELP!!! Juggling career and family...will it get better???!

    Thank you Purple_Scrubs for the advice and thought. I think my main problem is time management. I am going to change the way I do some things to try and save time. I have a couple of days off, which I'm going to use to recharge my battery. I know it will always be a challenge to balance nursing and family but hope that with TIME it gets a lot easier.