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I will be starting school in August for my BSN. With hospitals wanting nurses with BSN, would it be appropriate to add it to job application and my resume? If so, how would I list it? Thanks :)

Yes, they like to see that you are continuing your education. List it on top of the other education and list your "anticipated graduation" date in line with your other graduation dates.

Thank you Asystole RN :)

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I agree to include it -- IF you have already applied (which you have, xoNurseRNxo). Just be honest about what your status is. For example, since you haven't started the program yet, you could say something like:

"Currently enrolled in XYZ program. Program begins August 2012. Expected date of graduation is May, 2014." or whatever.

If you had not actually been accepted into the program and/or had not actually enrolled in any classes, you would say that you had "applied" and that you were planning on enrolling "pending acceptance." If you had not yet even applied, then it would be better to leave it off completely -- but you might want to say that you planned on applying in a cover letter.

Good luck to you!

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